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How to Create a Toddler Toy Rotation

How to Create a Toddler Toy Rotation

Is family communal space being overrun with little miss and junior's toys? Calm the chaos when you take my easy tips on how to create a toddler toy rotation that will. With a little organizing you can keep the kids toy volume under control and delight them when you reintroduce toys every few weeks. Create Christmas in July, August, get the idea! I recommend rotating toys every couple or few weeks and be sure to do your sorting and storing during nap-time.

Here's how to create a toddler toy rotation program for your family.


  • Select active toys that are seasonal or can be used often indoors in the winter, for example, and outdoors on the deck or patio in the summer.
  • Choose toys that YOU like to play with too. Can't stand noisy toys, don't worry about ditching them and relegating them to a closet bin or the donate pile either.
  • Create piles for Play, Store, Clean+Store, Hand-me-over, Donate, Trash for broken toys.
  • Use bins that are easy to maneuver and store, preferably with lids so you can stack as needed.
  • Label bins with temporary tags so for easy use and storage. Keep things tidy when you use bins that have a tag slot or create your own with a clear ziploc bag that you tape to the side and slide a marked index card with the bins' contents.
  • Use the lighter toy load to teach kids to easily put away and sort toys.
  • Clean toys before you store them.
  • Keep every day classics at the ready. Playtime staples include: books, kitchen supplies, tool set, musical instruments, stuffed animals and tea sets, and any toys that are great for dexterity, eye-hand coordination, and more. 


  • Ask her opinion
  • Sort the toys in front of him
  • Worry about the kids missing their toys. If they make a specific request then by all means bring it back into rotation.



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