Current Craving: Diaper Bags for Dads – Satsuma Designs

Current Craving: Diaper Bags for Dads

Current Craving: Diaper Bags for Dads

Lest mom-to-be have all the fun with new gear and gadgets for babies, here's my current craving: diaper bags for dads. There are so many practical and well designed diaper bag solutions that will make dad feel like he's part of the baby game and still maintain his man vibe. Enjoy these diaper bags for dads picks!

For couples baby showers, a diaper bag for dad makes a great gift. Consider adding a diaper bag for dad to your baby registry to keep dad feeling like the hip guy he is even when he's home and in bed by 9p on a Saturday night after little sleep and a day at the park!


Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag Green

Via Messenger diaper bag at Skip Hop

Photographer's Backpack

I love the idea of converting a tried and true design like Filson's Photographer's backpack into something updated for a busy family. Dad will love all the zips and pockets on this diaper bag for dad.



For the dad who wants to go a little incognito on diaper duty, try the Daddy Depot Diaper Bag

Throw in a couple of road pops into this daddy' diaper bag backpack with a detachable cooler. The zip on or off cooler bag features great color options and holds up to three large size beers, I mean bottles! Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack

Hit the gym with baby and this fun diaper bag from Lillian Rose



Swift diaper bag at Skip Hop


Building a foundation for great parenting with this cute tool belt diaper bag for dad from Lillian Rose.



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