5 Decorating Tricks to Help Preschoolers Clean Their Own Rooms

5 Decorating Tricks to Help Preschoolers Clean Their Own Rooms

Are you ready for back to school? I'm not! But I am ready on one front. I have 5 decorating tricks to help preschoolers clean their own rooms that will help make mornings go faster and laundry day a breeze. Employ my tips to help teach responsibility and independence to preschool age kids who are learning about life through new experiences at school and home. Encourage helping in the house to show care for the family and use these easy methods to support your teaching.

Here's How to Help Kids Clean Their Rooms

Color code. Use bins, boxes or crates to let kids drop their toys into bins marked by type. Try color coding for animals, vehicles, sports, dress up, dolls, action figures, Duplo and more.

Keep bedding basic. I learned a little too late that all my fancy Pottery Barn (TJ Maxx!) bedding for little miss was misdirected. Let kids have the chance to make their own beds when you don't overwhelm with bedding and linens.

To keep it simple, use a fitted sheet and coverlet in the summer and comforter with duvet cover that can be washed with the weekly laundry cycle. Top it with only one pillow and let her go wild on adding stuffed animals and dolls to add her own flair. Forget a top sheet, multiple pillows and other accessories that can be too much for a little one to manage. If you want to round out the look, use a bed skirt and canopy to add another touch of design. 

Line it up! Even if your little one isn't prone to tidiness, it can be fun to line up stuffed animals or toys by category, height, color and more. Use low, but sturdy shelving to give preschoolers a place to organize and arrange their treasures. Check out these easy to install wall shelf options at IKEA.

Forget the top drawer. No doubt your parenting skills for this project are top drawer, but you don't need to prove it to anyone when you opt to use bottom drawers instead. Store school clothes by type in the bottom two or three drawers, depending on height, so kiddos can easily access to dress and put away clothes when cleaned. Pair like items together and group for easy access on busy weekday mornings. Frequently worn (and favorite!) underwear, socks, t-shirts, pants and skirts in the bottom drawer or two with overflow for weekend fun in the upper drawers.

How low can you go? I love Jodi Luber's advice from Women's Forum on creating an easy to use 'mini closet' from an old TV cabinet that lets kids easily access and put away! their own clothes. Check out this example I found on Pinterest below.

 Entertainment center into wardrobe.

And when you need help instituting the cleaning routine, Parenting Magazine has some great ideas on easy cleaning jobs that kids can to do actually help you.

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