5 Ways to Serene School Day Mornings

Back to school brings all sorts of emotions: excitement for new beginnings and fear of the same. One emotion that runs roughshod through our household is the anxiety that comes from transitioning from easy summer mornings even on camp days to early rising school days. While nowhere near a guarantee, these 5 wasy to serene school day mornings have worked successfully for us. 

The next season of lunches, school supplies, outfits with more autumn layers, schedules and more can fee daunting after the dog days of summer but once you're in that routine again, it'll be much easier. Here are a few tips and tricks for creating and sticking with a predictable routine for the whole family (so you can stay sane and the right lunch leaves with the right kid!).

5 Ways to Serene School Day Mornings

Create and keep a morning routine that works for you and the whole family. If one kid can get ready in an instant and the other likes to snuggle, there's no need to hustle everyone out of bed at the same time. But no matter what the routine looks like, find one that works and then stick to it! Predictability lowers everyone's stress.

Help kids (and yourself) prep for the next day by adding little prep tasks to pre-bedtime. Get them to help choose and lay out an outfit. Figure out what they are supposed to bring to school the next day (show and tell, supplies, gym clothes, etc) and have them put it all in their bag.

Find a space in your house for  "mission control". Some people use a whiteboard or chalkboard, other people are all electronic. Either way, Command Central includes a master calendar and all week-of information (school permission slips, doctors appointments, etc). An accordion-style folder with sections for each family member and activity can help too.

Empty out school bags in someplace central that must be dealt with such as the kitchen table. This means that you see School Announcements, moldy fruit gets tossed and that missing sock is recovered.

Train the kiddos to unload their own lunch boxes first thing. This may take some practice, but if they are old enough to go to kindergarten, then they are old enough to help toss dirty containers in the sink, crusts in the compost and unopened juice boxes back in the fridge. Satsuma Designs Wet+Dry Bag is food safe and great for snacks keeping the wet contained and the dry goods dry. Also great for school supplies and kiddo travel kits.

Then, after dinner and homework place school work backpacks and activity bags next to the door or in the locked car the night before for extra efficiency and morning ease.

What do you do to make school mornings a success? Tell us your tips below. 

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