Elf Name Place Cards

Do you know your elf name? I'm Jumpy Happy Feet and I'm pleased to meet you! If you want a way to delight friends and family at the holiday feast this year, try using these elf name place cards to get the party started.

I've included the method to find your own elf name below and have included an easy tutorial on some cut-out elf name place cards.

Here's what you need for Elf Name Place Cards

  • The elf names of all your guests including yourself
  • red construction paper - 8.5"x11"
  • metallic Sharpies
  • scissors

Here's how to make Elf Name Place Cards 

  • Start by folding your paper into fourths so you can create 4 place cards at a time.
  • Now trace and cut or freehand cut these little hats leaving 3/4" of an inch on either side of the bottom of the hat so you can fold them and create a 'stand'.
  • Cut the pom pom on top into little strips and fold forward and backward to create fringe.
  • Write all the elf names on each place card and decorate with festive little embellishments. Try using glitter glue, ribbon and more.
  • Now fold the side papers back and gently cut a small slit of paper off of the base of the paper folds so the hats 'lay back' but still stay up.

Place them around the table for your elfin guests to enjoy and make sure you all live up to your names this holiday!


what's your elf name

Elf name place cards


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