Once in a while I surprise myself with a good idea. It's fun! This time, it was giving our beloved teachers a version of the grab bags I make for Satsuma Kids Shop. My teacher gift grab bags are easy and fun to make. This is the perfect craft for kids to make a custom and personalized holiday or end of school year teacher gift that draws on teachers favorite things.

I pulled items from Satsuma Kids Shop, but you can easily pick up a few items from the drugstore or grocery store gift aisle the next time you're out.

Here's what you need to make teacher gift grab bags:

  • teacher's favorite trinkets: coffee card, note pad, pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, wipes, tape measure, chapstick. Try to choose trinkets that reflect your teacher's interests and taste.
  • kraft paper or wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • chalk pen or sharpies if using wrapping paper
  • stapler
  • ribbon
  • hole punch
  • gift tag (optional)

Here's how you make your teacher gift grab bags:

Start by choosing the shape of your grab bag and lay out items on a piece of folded kraft or wrapping paper.ย 

Now cut out your shape leaving 1/4"-1/2" edge to staple.

Decorate your grab bag with chalk pen and sharpies!

Lay trinkets on the bottom layer of your grab bag and place the second layer on top.

Staple the perimeter of your grab bag to close.

Punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon and gift tag through, tie in a bow.

Deliver with love!

Did you make grab bags for your teacher's holiday gift this year? Show us and tag #satsumasmiles

teacher gift grab bag


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