Easy Holiday Gift Wrap

Do you gasp at the price of wrapping paper these days? I know I sound a little grinchy, but I'm really put off by $9 a roll wrapping paper. I love a gorgeous gift, but I want to spend my money on what's on the inside.ย 

I think I found a good alternative to the expensive wrapping paper that also looks festive and chic. I started with my kraft paper roll and haven't looked back. I've already wrapped dozens of holiday and birthday gifts with my 24" wide kraft paper roll I got at Uline. Here's the link to kraft paper rolls at Uline.

And if you're feeling festive, try these DIY Grab Bags using your kraft paper roll.

Here's what you need for easy holiday gift wrap

  • kraft paper roll
  • scissors or paper cutter that comes with the kraft paper roll
  • chalk pen(s)
  • ribbon
  • metallic sharpies and other favorite pens, pencils, pastels or crayons

Here's how to make easy holiday gift wrap

  • Start by measuring your gifts and cutting the appropriate amount of kraft paper.
  • Then do a dry run so you know what side and size the top of your gift will be so you can focus your creative efforts here.
  • Now have fun creating designs and holiday motifs to delight your friends and family.
  • You can wrap the bow or ribbon first if you want to know what paper will show.
  • Be sure to continue your art onto all sides of your gift to give it a continuous look.


Easy holiday gift wrap


Today is a gift. Let's put a bow on it!
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