DIY Grab Bags for Kids

Did you love Grab Bags when you were little? Me too! I remember going down to our town's gift shop and spending all my coins and dollar bills on a $5 grab bag and always being delighted by the surprises I found. This holiday, I wanted to do something fun for Satsuma Kids Shop customers and my own kids to relive those fun + fond memories.

Below I'll show you how I created my own DIY Grab Bags for kids using a few treats, kraft paper, chalk pen, staples and ribbon. You should use your own creativity to make them especially custom for your holiday decor and tree decorations.

You can also use these DIY grab bags for party favors and birthday gift wrap. So many options!

Here's what you need to make your own grab bags:

  • Trinkets: stickers, note pad, pencil, pen, hair bow, cilps, eraser, legos, action figures, stamps, ink pad, chapstick, nail polish, nail decals, temporary tattoos, etc. Think stocking stuffer sized items. If you're making grab bags for adults, be sure to include a scratch ticket and a little airplane sized liquor to add to Christmas coffee.
  • Kraft or other paper, wrapping paper, double sheet newspaper, or other paper that's sturdy enough to hold up to staples and secure your trinkets.
  • Scissors 
  • Stapler + staples
  • Chalk pen and other decoration
  • Ribbon 
  • Hole punch

Here's how you'll make your grab bags:

  1. Start by gathering your trinkets into a pile and figuring out your minimum width and height of you grab bag.
  2. Now choose your grab bag shape. You can venture beyond my stocking shape and try other holiday icons: star, ball ornament, santa hat, etc.
  3. Cut your paper shape in two layers and decorate with a chalk pen, sharpies or other decoration like sparkles, stickers and more. I tried some easy designs on the top and toe of my grab bags.
  4. Place trinkets on the bottom layer and place top sheet of paper on the pile.
  5. Staple paper layers together.
  6. Punch a hole at the top of your grab bag and string with ribbon.
  7. Hang on your tree and enjoy!

What did you use to get in your grab bags? What did you add to the new ones? Share a photo and tag #satsumasmiles

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diy grab bags for holiday


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