Candy Corn Wreath | Pool Noodle Craft

Candy Corn Wreath | Pool Noodle Craft

I'm so excited to share my candy corn wreath project because it ticks all my craft criteria boxes. It's easy, fast, cheap and CUTE! I made my candy corn wreath with just a few materials that I had on hand.

candy corn wreath | pool noodle craft | Halloween decorating |

I started with an old pool noodle that I cut into 3 pieces - 2 equal 12" pieces and a third 8" piece. I then used clear packing tape to connect the 2 12" pieces together. I folded the long piece in half at the tape line and then taped either side of the long piece to the base. 

If you're like me, you have a couple of these pool noodle floating around the garage or even in the playroom. The kids love to use pool noodles as light sabers!

candy corn wreath | pool noodle craft | #halloween #candycorn

Once I had my candy corn shape complete it was time to start wrapping the pool noodle with crepe paper (streamers). I was lucky to have yellow, orange and white streamers left over from a Pokemon and Scooby Doo party and put them to work!

I started by placing a small piece of scotch tape on the back right of my form starting with the bottom yellow color. I then wrapped the streamer around and down the noodle making sure that I was overlapping each layer by about 1/2" for texture.

When I was done wrapping my yellow steamers, I started wrapping the orange crepe paper. I did the other orange side and then finished with the white.

candy corn wreath | pool noodle craft | #halloween #candycorn

I added 5 little crepe paper flowers with my hot glue for added fun. Here is my quick and easy flower tutorial.

Finally, I glued on a bow and baker's twine to hang on the front door or mantle. 

I loved how this turned out and the bit of wabi sabi design I got from it. The sides aren't perfectly even, which is just like a candy corn!

My neighbor raved about this candy corn wreath and it's so easy, I'm making one for her door! 

Where will you hang your pool noodle candy corn wreath?

Hot Tip: Use a yellow pool noodle for this candy corn wreath project as it is generally the lightest color pool noodle and you don't want the noodle to show through the crepe paper streamers.



candy corn wreath | pool noodle craft | #halloween #candycorn


candy corn wreath | pool noodle craft | #halloween #candycorn


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