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DIY 3 Minute Magic Wand

We host a lot of royal princess and beautiful ballerina birthday parties at Satsuma Kids Shop in Seattle. These events are some of the best parts of my job and I love the joy that the kids and I share crafting up tutus and magic wands. Sometimes I'll have the kids make their own magic wands to craft loving spells, but sometimes I'll need to whip up a dozen magic wands in advance of the party if time might be tight with all the activity.

Today I'm sharing my DIY 3 minute magic wand tutorial that will help you get your princess or ballerina bash off the ground in no time.

Here's what you'll need for your DIY 3 Minute Magic Wand

  • 5 strips of 6"wide x 18" long tulle in a variety of colors. I love to combine pinks, purple, aqua, white and blues. Use a spool of tulle to make cutting and creating your magic wands super easy and quick.
  • 1 shorter piece of tulle measuring about 8" to use to tie as your center
  • Thin craft dowels 12" to 16" long. Don't go too long or you'll poke your eye out! :)
  • Silver metallic acrylic paint or other metallic acrylic paint
  • Narrow satin ribbon or other ribbon to wrap around the dowel
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. I love my mini that does the job every time.

Here are the easiest instructions for your DIY 3 Minute Magic Wand

First paint your dowel with metallic paint for that extra special touch.

Now, start your pom pom by taking your 5 strips of tule and wrapping them around your hand like you would to ball yarn. When all of your tulle is wrapped, take your shorter piece and tie it tightly around the middle of your tulle bundle. Tie it in a tight double knot. Don't trim yet!

Fire up your glue gun and let that warm up while you cut the loops on your pom pom and start poofing it out.

When your glue gun is hot, place a bit of glue at one end of your dry painted dowel. Lay an end of ribbon on the glue and wrap the ribbon around the dowel like you'll see in the photos. 

When you reach the top of the dowel, dab some more glue, secure the ribbon and trim. Don't worry about fraying ribbon as this will be covered by the tulle pom pom.

Now open up your pom pom to find the middle and place a mess of glue in the middle. Quickly insert your dowel and pinch to secure.

When dry, give the pom pom a final poof out and trim the ends to your desired puffiness.

I would love to see your creations. Tag #satsumasmiles on Instagram and we'll share the love. And we'd love to see you on our InstagramPinterest and Facebook - follow along for the fun!

DIY 3 Minute Magic Wand Photos for Reference

diy 3 minute magic wand


diy 3 minute magic wand


diy 3 minute magic wand


diy 3 minute magic wand


diy 3 minute magic wand


diy 3 minute magic wand 

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