DIY Dollar Store Birthday Garland

DIY Dollar Store Birthday Garland

I'm so excited to share this DIY dollar store birthday garland project as it's so easy and cost me all of $3! Truly, this is this is the kind of project I think that everyone should try. It is so easy, affordable, customized to your birthday baby's interests and just FUN!

We host lots of birthday parties at Satsuma Kids Shop and this birthday garland is the perfect one-of-a-kind decoration that adds a personal touch and great color to the room. 

But, the best part of this project is the price. I paid $1 each for the blank banner pieces in scalloped card stock, princess stickers, and ribbon. That's $3 total for a lovely REUSABLE birthday banner. When I searched Etsy for birthday banner, over 144,000 results were presented, but none as cheap AND cute as mine made from dollar store materials.

I am here to give you the confidence and little push to get over to the dollar store before your next party to make your own dollar store birthday garland. And I want to see your beautiful creations!

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DIY Dollar Store Birthday Garland Materials

  • Dollar store scallop garland or banner pieces - Plain
  • Dollar store puffy or raised stickers in whatever theme you like - princess, animals, superheroes, hearts, flowers, etc.
  • Watercolors
  • Paint brush
  • Water dish and paper towel
  • Hole punch
  • 7/8" wide organza ribbon in coordinate color to your stickers

Here's how to make your DIY Dollar Store Birthday Garland

Start by getting out your water colors and opening your garland pieces. Take your paintbrush and give a few swipes to your garland to add some color and texture. It's really nice to do this in an ombre design too.

Set your painted pieces aside to dry. 

Next, add your stickers - trimming where necessary - to your additional garland pieces.

Punch two holes into each garland piece to thread your ribbon. I loved using silver organza ribbon because it picked up the silver accent in the stickers. Depending on what stickers you choose, select a ribbon that works best for you.

Finally, thread your organza ribbon - or whatever type of ribbon you're using - through the holes at the top of your garland pieces. Note that I threaded from the front, behind the back, and back out the front to accent the garland triangle, but you could weave the ribbon to be featured in the front too. Either are adorable!

diy dollar store birthday garland


diy dollar store birthday garland


diy dollar store birthday garland


diy dollar store birthday garland


diy dollar store birthday garland



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