Make Your Own Fascinator | DIY Fancy Hat

Make Your Own Fascinator | DIY Fancy Hat

We love a tea party at Satsuma Kids Shop and nothing gets us in the tea party mood like donning a fancy hat!

And as we also love to CREATE, it's fitting that I would show how to make your own fascinator with just a few materials and in no time!

The fascinator is fancy headwear that takes the place of a hat at formal occasions such as weddings and high tea. You can make your fascinator on whatever base - headband, clip, comb, etc. - that is most comfortable for you.

DIY Fancy Hat

If you're like me, you'll choose whatever is on hand! For our fascinator crafting session we used both headbands and clips that worked equally well.

I recommend a headband versus a clip for a little lady who is active because a fascinator with lots of nice elements secured by a clip may well fall off while she's having a bundle of fun.

I love the idea of hosting a tea party at which the activity is creating your own fascinator.

You'll want to also create lots of photo opportunities and even a photo backdrop if you like.

Try this easy to make photo backdrop using fabric or streamers. And no tea party photo booth is complete without the perfect accessories! I LOVE The Manic Moose collection at Etsy.



To start your crafting session, grab your materials, plug in your glue gun, turn on the music and get to it! Here's what you need.

Fascinator Materials

  • Base - headband, clip, or comb
  • Creative accessories - silk flowers, beads, feathers, ribbon, tulle, jewels, etc. You can also use floral hair clips already on hand. Scout your favorite discount shops for this fun hair flair!
  • Felt in coordinating color(s)
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Scissors

Here's how to Make Your Own Fascinator

To make your own fascinator, start by heating up your glue gun and prepping your materials.

Have fun trying out different layering and directions for flowers and tulle.

When you have created a design that you'd like to turn into a fascinator, take a piece of felt and cut an oval shape that you will glue your elements to. Ensure that your felt is large enough to hold all of your creative elements, but not so large as to take away from the beauty of your design.

Next, carefully glue your accessories to the felt until you have the design you like.

Now, depending on what base you're using - headband, clip or comb - you'll either glue the clip to your base OR glue the headband to your base.

Plan to add an additional strip of felt over the back of the headband to give some extra security to your fascinator.

That's it!

Enjoy wearing your lovely new fascinator and don't save this for special occasions either. It's fun to wear any time you want to create a fun moment with (or without!) the kids!

Here's How We Made our own Fascinators

Tulle + Pearl Fascinator

Here we pulled together about 10 layers of tulle, strung a large pearl bead with another piece of tulle and tied it around our tulle bundle.

We glued the bundle to a clip. Et voila! 

make your own fascinator


Violet + Tulle Fascinator

Here we used a purple flower and added tulle using our felt and headband.

make your own fascinator 

Silk Rose + Tulle Fascinator

Here we gathered layers of gray and light pink tulle into a bundle, tied with another short piece of tulle and glued to a pink flower clip.
SUPER easy!
I love the veil effect you can achieve by simply changing the direction of your clip. This would be an adorable flower girl accessory.

make your own fascinator


Red Rose Fascinator

Using our same tulle gathering technique, we glued a bundle of red tulle to a red silk flower whose stem we had trimmed off.

make your own fascinator

I would absolutely love to see what you create! Share on social or in comments below.

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make your own fascinator




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