Balloon Popsicle Garland

For me, nothing screams SUMMER like popsicles! Kids of all ages love popsicles because they're tasty, colorful, cool and refreshing, and remind us of FUN! I wanted to ring in the summer at Satsuma Kids Shop with my own balloon popsicle garland to delight guests and passersby. 

This super easy balloon popsicle garland is a great project for all kinds of summer decorating for birthdays, backyard barbecues, yard sales and lemonade stands. What a fun way to advertise summer!

You can also use the elements in the balloon popsicle garland to make a photo backdrop for birthday parties, cute summer birthday gift toppers and more!

How will you enjoy your balloon popsicle garland? Show me!

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Balloon Popsicle Garland Materials

  • Balloon animal balloons - I have a basic balloon animal making kit that I found here. The nice things about this balloon popsicle garland is that each balloon makes 2 popsicles.
  • Handheld balloon pump
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Clear scotch tape
  • Baker's twine or other line
  • Scissors 

How to Make your Balloon Popsicle Garland

Start by blowing up a balloon to half its capacity. You'll tie this off and then tie off the other end to use the remaining balloon for your next popsicle.

Once half of your balloon is inflated and tied off, use your scissors to cut off the remaining balloon.

Blow up this remaining balloon and tie it off.

You'll now have two long balloons.

Take the first balloon and gently run your hands down the length of the balloon and squeeze it to give it some flexibility. If you haven't worked with balloon animal balloons there are a zillion great YouTube videos to try. 

Now, take this balloon and find the midpoint. 

Pinch the balloon's midpoint and twist it a couple of times.

Take off a small piece of scotch tape and tape the bottoms together to create your popsicle.

Now with scotch tape, add two popsicle sticks to either side of your popsicle.

When you have all of the balloon popsicles made and inflated, now's the time to string them with baker's twine or other line. You can use a soft and narrow ribbon if you like.

That's it! My balloon popsicle garland is super easy to make and lasts a couple of days. 

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balloon popsicle garland


balloon popsicle garland


balloon popsicle garland

diy balloon popsicle garland


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