DIY Coat of Arms | DIY Family Crest

DIY Coat of Arms | DIY Family Crest 

With or without Downton Abbey, I've been an Anglophile since I can remember. And so this Father's Day I will be spreading the love with my DIY Coat of Arms project to give Dad a special treat.

Developed in Medieval times, a Coat of Arms is a visual depiction of a clan, family or group's achievements and symbols. Your family's Coat of Arms should be just that! Choose symbols that celebrate Dad and your family with things you love.

I've created a super easy to make DIY coat of arms tutorial that I had the kids whip up in no time. I'm also hosting a DIY Family Crest craft class at Satsuma Kids Shop before Father's Day to let other little kiddos make Dad feel like Lord of the Manor!

I love this project because it lets kids take a look at what Dad loves and turn that into art. My littles created the best work that absolutely captures my honey's passions: sports, outdoors, animals, and his work outside the home even made the list!

When you sit down to make your Family Crest and Coat of Arms here are some questions to ask the kids to get the creative juices flowing.


Family Crest Prompts

  • What sports does Dad love?
  • Who is Dad's hero?
  • What animals does Dad love?
  • What is Dad's favorite color?
  • What makes Dad happiest?
  • Where does Dad like to spend his time?

Have the best time coming up with your Family Motto. If you need a little kickstart, family motto ideas can be found at this link. I chuckled when one little chose the very academic 'you are a thinker!'

You can frame your Family Crest and Coat of Arms in a 5x7 inch frame or just as easily turn it into a card for Dad. If you turn it into a card, I would recommend glueing it on to another piece of 8.5x11 card stock and folding that instead of your lovely Coat of Arms.

DIY Coat of Arms | DIY Family Crest Materials

  • My Coat of Arms and Family Crest template - Free Coat of Arms Template
  • Scratch paper and pencils
  • Printable watercolor paper or nice white cardstock
  • Fine tip sharpie or other fine tip black pen
  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Jar for water
  • 5"x7" frame (optional)

Make your own Coat of Arms and Family Crest 

Start by printing out my Family Crest and Coat of Arms template that you will find above and below or here: Free Coat of Arms Template

Next, gather your family to discuss Dad and put together a design plan. Use some scratch paper and sketch out your design to practice.

Now take your design and draw it onto the watercolor paper with a fine tip sharpie.

Add visual interest by using watercolors to highlight each element.

Next, choose a family motto that Dad will love and captures the feeling of your family! Write this in the banner and paint over it or leave it blank.

Finally, let your Coat of Arms dry and frame when ready. 

Wrap up for Dad to open on Father's Day and let his family pride shine. Enjoy!


Free Coat of Arms Template - grab my template here for both crest designs and enjoy! If you like what you see, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram. See you there!


diy coat of arms and family crest


diy coat of arms and family crest


diy coat of arms and family crest


diy coat of arms and family crest


diy coat of arms and family crest


diy coat of arms and family crest


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