Graduation Card Money Cap and Gown Origami

Graduation Card Money Cap and Gown Origami

I am so excited for all the graduates in my life this season! We have a full calendar full of high school and college - even a PhD! - graduation parties this spring. And while I'd like to fete each one of them with a custom piece of art for their dorm room or new apartment walls, I know cash is king!

That's why I created this graduation card money cap and gown origami project and will be using it many times this spring. 

Aside from a couple of Benjamins, my favorite high school graduation gift was Dr. Seuss' All The Places You'll Go! Book. I received at least three copies - each with their own special note - and I kept them all! I store them in my kids' bookshelf and love reading the inspirational poem at the end of each school year and other milestones.

Do you give Oh, The Places You'll Go! book as a gift? How do you celebrate each passing milestone? Tell me on Twitter and I'll follow you!



Graduation Card Money Cap and Gown Origami Materials

  • Dollar bills - $1, $5 or $20, if you're feeling like spoiling your grad try $100!
  • 8.5"x5.5" piece of card stock folded in half - I cut a piece of 8.5"x11" white card stock in half and folded each piece to create a finished 4.25"x5.5" vertical card.
  • Scissors
  • Watercolors
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Fine tip sharpie
  • 1/8" ribbon, embroidery floss or cording to make your tassel
  • Glue dot

Here's how to Fold the Money Origami

Mortar Board Origami Video | Graduation Cap Origami Video

Shirt ('Gown') Origami Video

Make your own graduation cap tassel tutorial as seen at The Alison Show

How to Make your Graduation Card with Money Origami

Once you've created your money origami and added your tassel to your mortar board, it's time to add you elements to your custom card.

Start by estimating the distance between the hat sides of your mortar board and cut two small slits about 1/4" deep onto the top of your card.

This allows your hat to sit on top of the card and I think it's super cute to have this sitting upright on the gift table for all to enjoy.

Next use a little watercolor in your graduate's school colors and make a nice base wash.

Now add your note of Congrats! or other on the front and write a note of congratulations and best wishes inside your card. Have your family sign it.

Finally, add your shirt to the front using a glue dot or tape ring and then slide your mortar board onto the top inside of the card slits.

That's it! Now present to your graduate with a big hug and smooch.

money origami graduation card


money origami graduation card


money origami graduation card



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