Dry Erase Multiplication Grid

My little learners are headed into the summer months and all kinds of fun. I've been planning how to avoid the summer slide while still creating lots of down time and have a few ideas.

I've invested in a few workbooks that cover spelling, handwriting, creative writing and early math. I've checked in with the kids' teachers for online resources as well. But I wanted something that I could track progress and make it fun, which is why I created this dry erase multiplication grid.

We've already begun using this tool and I'm thrilled with the response! The dry erase markers make it easy to fix hiccups and the kids feel great about their progress. We're not there yet, but I'm excited to do timed exercises and take the grid to the next level - 13-20!



Dry Erase Multiplication Grid Materials and How To

  • My grid template, which you can download here: Multiplication Grid to 12 x 12
  • Dry erase pens in fun colors - give each kiddo their own color to use during the summer. Use a Sharpie to mark the dry erase pens with their names.
  • Laminator - I use my local FedEx Kinkos and for $1.49 laminate my dry erase multiplication grid using their self-serve laminator. Whenever I laminate I make sure to use the back too. You can add another multiplication grid or addition. Here's a nice math addition facts grid to download as well.

To make your own dry erase multiplication grid that your kids can enjoy all summer, simply print out (2 copies for front and back) the template.

Go to your local business services shop to have it laminated.

Pick up a couple of dry erase markers and you're set!

What tools to you use to prevent summer slide in your home? Tell me on Twitter and I'll share!

Here are some ideas to help you encourage your kids to use the multiplication grid with ease and a smile.

Create engagement

Let the kids help you create the multiplication grid by helping you at the laminator, writing their name in sharpie on the dry erase pens and storing the grid in a place at home that's convenient and all their own.

Start slow

Before actually sitting down to work on the multiplication math facts, let them just play with the dry erase multiplication grid. Let them doodle and clean, doodle and clean, etc.

Get the tools YOU need

Make sure you're equipped to help them in a positive and patient manner. Get resources and guidance from your teacher's if you need help here.

Enjoy the moment

When working on any school project or learning opportunity wth kids, be in the moment. Be mindful, open and patient with questions.


Tell your little scholar how proud you are of the hard work they've done to begin tackling multiplication. This will build confidence and excitement for the next one on one time they'll have with you!

Avoid Summer Slide with these helpful Parenting Resources

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diy dry erase multiplication table


diy dry erase multiplication table


diy dry erase multiplication table


diy dry erase multiplication table


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