Make Summer Fruit Gift Tags

Do you have a bunch of birthday parties on your calendar? How about teacher gifts, graduation parties, backyard bbq's, baby and bridal showers? If you love to give gifts like I do, these easy summer fruit gift tags are a perfect way to show your care.

With just a few basic supplies, create a full treasure trove of summer fruit gift tags to have at hand for any gift. Pop these on all those goodies and hostess gifts you'll be passing out this summer and store a few for next season too.

This is a super fun project for the kids to make in these early days of summer too. Invite kids to brainstorm their favorite fruit and create custom summer fruit gift tags that they can add to their friends' birthday gifts this summer.

And if you want to add an extra special touch you can go beyond the sponge when you create fruit gift tags with actual fruits and veggies! Here are some magical ideas to get you started.


Summer Fruit Gift Tag Materials

  • White card stock
  • Pen to sketch your design on your sponge to then cut
  • Sponges without the scouring pad on one side
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic or craft paint, NOT watercolor as it's not bold enough to give you the bright color you'll find in these summer fruit gift tags.
  • Paint brush
  • Water for paint
  • Small hole punch if you have one, otherwise a standard hole punch is fine 
  • Ribbon to thread and tie to your gift 

How to Make Summer Fruit Gift Tags

I want you to have fun with the shapes of your summer fruit. I created strawberries and pineapples and used the same stem shape to make both fruits.

Start by drawing your fruit and stem shapes on your sponge. You should be able to create everything you need from one dollar store sponge. Did I mention this craft is thrifty?!

Now carefully cut out your fruit and stem shapes.

Next, paint color onto your fruit and start stamping. Start with your fruit base and let it dry a bit before you create your stems.

When your fruit is a little dry, it's time to add your stems. I like to use both sides of the stem so that I get a little variation in the shape. For example, I'll stamp one strawberry side, turn the stamp over and do the other side as you can tell in the strawberry gift card example.

When your artwork is dry, punch a hole in the top and string your ribbon.

That's it! You're done.

Did you make these summer fruit gift tags? I'd love to see them on Twitter where I'll share your creations!

diy summer fruit sponge paint gift tags 


diy summer fruit gift tag


diy summer fruit gift tag


diy summer fruit gift tag

diy summer fruit gift tag


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