DIY Paper Seashell Cupcake Topper

DIY Paper Seashell Cupcake Topper

When I greeted my lovely guests at a recent mermaid party I hosted at Satsuma Kids Shop, I asked the requisite question of each of them, "what percent mermaid are you?" You see, we're all a little bit mermaid or merman with a magic that's all our own.

If you have a nautical themed birthday on the books or are starting to plan one, please try this fast and easy DIY paper seashell cupcake topper project that will have all your little fishes smiling.

Whether you're planning a Little Mermaid, Moana or Fisherman party, these easy cupcake toppers are super adorable and fast to make. I whipped up 16 in less than an hour and that included watercolor dry time. Active time was about 15 minutes.

I have become a huge fan of making custom cupcake toppers for all of our parties. They couldn't be easier and a custom touch like this is appreciated by the birthday kids more than you'd know or expect!



DIY Paper Seashell Cupcake Topper Materials

  • White card stock
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint brush
  • Paint water
  • White pearl beads or other beads
  • Scallop edged scissors
  • Regular scissors
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

How to Make Paper Seashell Cupcake Toppers

This super easy project does take at least a couple of hours to make because you'll be creating your own watercolor page to then cut into seashells. You'll need to let your painting dry before cutting and glueing.

Start by getting out your card stock and watercolors and doing a very fast and easy wash of blue, purple and green.

I did a really light wet on dry watercolor technique and was happy with the result. I tried a few different versions and liked the wet on wet watercolor as well. 

Set your watercolor page or two, depending on how many seashell cupcake toppers you need aside to dry for 30-60 minutes.

When your watercolor is dry, plug in your glue gun and get out your scissors.

Cut your seashell shapes by simply cutting a half circle with your scallop edge scissors. If you don't have scallop edge scissors, don't worry and either free hand your scallop edge or use pinking shears for an equally nice effect.

Next, cut a 1/4 slit in the bottom middle of your seashell.

Take your toothpick and place one end of it in the corner of the 1/4" slit you just cut.

Now, take a dab of glue and glue one bottom corner of the slit and pull the other side over and affix with the glue making sure to hold the toothpick so it stays in the corner.

Quickly add another dab of glue on the corner of the slit and the top of the toothpick and add your pearl bead. 

Be quick about this step and you'll be thankful! It's easy, but you have to move quickly so everything gets glued together and becomes stable. 

Hold this and let it dry for a spell and then move on to your next seashell cupcake topper.

When you've created all the seashells you need, you'll want to trim the bases a little to turn your half circle into more of a shell shape. 

Easily cut the bottom corners at a little angle to get the same shape as you'll see in mine below. Easy!

So, what percent mermaid are you, lovely? Tell me on Twitter and let's have fun!


diy paper seashell cupcake topper


diy paper seashell cupcake topper


diy paper seashell cupcake topper


diy paper seashell cupcake topper


diy paper seashell cupcake topper

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