How to Easily Switch to Cloth Napkins

How to Easily Switch to Cloth Napkins

The title of this post is by no means full of sizzle, but what it does convey is the answer to a problem that many of us face. For literally YEARS I have been working on how to easily switch to cloth napkins to save resources, avoid using paper products, and add a little je ne sais quoi to our family dining.

I was so delighted when my friend Jean shared a wonderful method that her French Mother-in-Law taught her many years ago. When Jean and her family visited France, Grand-Mere would give each of the family two cloth napkins and two towels to use during their week's visit. Of course, there were always extras if needed.

Each of the family's cloth napkins were unique featuring the best of French linen prints, making them even more delightful.

"You knew which napkin was yours because of the print," shares Jean.

And the best part of how to switch to cloth napkins comes next! At the end of each meal, the family would drape their napkin over the back of their chair. Each person had their own spot and I love that this little trick made it a treat to find your place at the table.


How to Make Cloth Napkins Work for You

Now it's one thing to appreciate the charming method of another's family, but how to make cloth napkins part of your family's routine? If you're like me, you have messy little kids about and not enough time to do laundry.

That said, my strategy goes like this. Have a pretty basket available to all hands, young and old, from which to grab replacement napkins when needed.

But in the meantime, attempt to use one napkin for up to 6 meals and see how you do. It's likely that the laundry load will increase, but only by a little and if you have enough napkins, plan to simply do one load of table linens per week, which is what I do.

If you like my Bon Appetit cloth napkins you see here, grab em here on sale now!

How to Host Overnight Guests like the French 

When you have your method in place, it's time to have fun selecting and making napkins that will keep your family happy and clean.

I love vintage linens and many that have seen better days can be found on eBay. Cut these up, add four finished seams and you're done. Remember to make tea towels and table runners from thrift store linens.

If you'd prefer a fresh stock and no extra work, try some of these lovely cloth napkins

Have you tried switching to cloth napkins? Success, I hope! How did you do it? Share your tips with me on Twitter and show us on Instagram.

how to easily switch to cloth napkins


how to easily switch to cloth napkins


how to easily switch to cloth napkins



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