Baby Shower Game Printable | Clothes Pin Baby Game

Baby Shower Game Printable | Clothes Pin Baby Game

I was so fortunate to host a Pink, Pink, Pink baby shower at Satsuma Kids Shop recently. My client asked for every detail to be pretty and pink and I happily complied!

My client also requested a fun and mellow baby shower game at the party and I couldn't have been happier to plan this classic clothes pin baby game for the mommy-to-be.

If you haven't yet played the clothes pin baby game, it's a real gas! As you'll see in the photos below, guests start by clipping a wooden laundry clothes pin on their shirt and work as hard as they can not to say the word 'baby.'

All the while, trying to get their friends and family to say the word 'baby' so they can steal the clothes pin. It's hilarious to see the competition heat up!

The winner is the person who has accumulated the most clothes pins at the end of the baby shower.

You can also change up the game and instead of making the word 'baby' taboo, choose your own word that references a funny inside joke that will make it fun for all. You can also change the word as the party progresses, which makes it even harder and more fun!

Offer a small party favor prize to the winner to get everyone engaged in the game! I presented guests with these fun and functional make-up swipes from Satsuma.

I created this super easy to download and print Clothes Pin Baby Game Printable that you can place in an 8"x10" frame or simply tape it to a board like I did. I was fortunate to have a small display board on hand for this, but you could take a favorite 8"x10" table top frame from your living room and tape this to the front for the same effect.

After you print out the game, add a cute ribbon to the top or side and add your clothes pins for guests to take when they arrive at the baby shower.

But this is only one of many fun and classic baby shower games that you can play when you host a baby shower.

What is your favorite baby shower game? Tell me on Twitter and I'll share!



Host A Baby Shower with this Fun Game

Clothes Pin Baby Shower Game Free Printable


baby shower game ideas


baby shower game ideas


baby shower game ideas


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