DIY Golden Shell Pinch Bowls

There's nothing like a trip to the beach to inspire craft projects. Every time I get the chance to beach comb, I always end up with more than my fair share of shells, but I love every one of them! My DIY golden shell pinch bowls project is my way to share the love as I'm giving these as hostess gifts.

DIY Golden Shell Pinch Bowls | #beach #gifts

Paired with a specialty salt like this Icelandic sea salt, my little shell pinch bowls are a perfect way to say, 'thanks for having me!' 

This wonderful little hostess and holiday gift is a treat to make and even easier to source. It's so fun to beach comb for pretty shells and it's clear I don't need any more shells in my collection. 

DIY Golden Shell Pinch Bowls | #beach #gifts

Make Your Own Shell Pinch Bowls

The project is so easy to make and I also thing it's the type of project that you can plan ahead for to ensure that I/you/we do it! Here are the supplies you need for your own shell pinch bowls:

  • Shells - look for flat shells or ones that have a natural 'base.' You don't want any tippy shells. I found that oyster shells work great. Muscle shells can be smaller, but these are lovely purple and blue and FLAT.
  • Gold paint - I used the Martha Stewart brand gold acrylic paint - keep in mind that you're using this on a food product. It should be fully dry before you spray with food safe shellac. As always, use your own best judgment when using painted items with food.
  • Food safe shellac - I used Rust-Oleum's spray shellac, which is made of a natural resin. You want to make sure your shells are FULLY dry before adding any salt or herbs before consumption.

golden shell pinch bowls | #beach #gifts

Beachy Craft Time

Once you have your collection of shells that will lie more or less flat when filled with salt, it's time to wash, dry and paint.

Hand wash shells with a mild dish soap and let completely dry. Give your shells 2 coats of gold paint. You could also use gold leaf!

Now it's time to spray shellac on your shell to finish. Let them fully dry for a couple of days so the shellac cures. Now, fill with salt or herbs and enjoy!


gold shell pinch bowls | #beach #gifts 

DIY Golden Shell Pinch Bowls | #beach #gifts


gold shell pinch bowls | #beach #gifts


diy golden shell pinch bowls | #salt #cellar


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