DIY Kraft Paper Tassels

If you love tassels like I love tassels then you look at the world in a unique way. Namely when you see something, anything, you ask yourself, "could I turn that into a tassel?" Could I add a tassel to that? Could I wear that tassel? Could I embellish something on my person, home, child or pet with that tassel?

You feel me?!

For the tasselers among us, here is a super fun, affordable and EASY DIY kraft paper tassel craft that will have you creating holidays so you can gift top with these kraft paper tassels.

diy kraft paper tassels

Oh, how I love the ease with which these came together. I've combined three of my favorite craft tools: kraft paper, Sharpies and tassels. And don't forget you get to add a fun baker's twine, jute twine or narrow ribbon to these little gems.

diy kraft paper tassels

Kraft paper tassels make excellent gift toppers, gift tags (write For: and From: on wide tassels ends), garlands and more.

Here's what you need to make your Kraft Paper Tassels

  • Kraft paper
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Baker's twine or thin ribbon 

How to Make Kraft Paper Tassels

1. Cut a piece of kraft paper 12" by 3" wide. Adjust the width to your needs. 3" width will make a pretty standard medium sized tassel.

2. Cut a piece of baker's twine or ribbon to 10" long. You'll fold this in half and you want at least 4" on each end to tie a bow if you like.

3. Now fringe your kraft paper by cutting slits up the width of your paper about every 1/4". Make your cuts about 2 1/4" long so you have a 3/4" solid top to decorate.

4. when you're done creating your fringe take your glue stick and dab glue on the top end of your paper. 

5. Place your FOLDED twine/ribbon on the glue and fold this so the glue secures the twine/ribbon.

6. Now, run a strip of glue along the rest of the top of your paper and start rolling until you reach 1 1/2" from the end.

7. Decorate this remaining 1 1/2" paper then glue and roll.

8. That's it! You have a tassel!

diy kraft paper tassels
diy kraft paper tassels
diy kraft paper tassels
diy kraft paper tassels


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