DIY Ribbon Dance Bracelets

If you have dancers in the house, you will love this easy DIY Ribbon Dance Bracelets craft that is perfect for a summer morning. Make these ribbon dance bracelets and then enjoy them all day. Make a set for yourself too, friend.

I was inspired by Delia here and her gorgeous rainbow colored DIY Dancing Ribbon Rings. I've modified the instructions a little and as always, have outlined this project to be nearly or totally free so you can use up all those treasures in your craft closet or bin.

Here's what you need for your DIY Ribbon Dance Bracelets

  • Ribbon - Pull whatever you have from your ribbon bin and have fun. Go with a theme or just choose colors that coordinate or contrast. You cannot lose!
  • Sparkle Elastic or 5/8" wide fold over elastic - Again, grab whatever you have at hand.
  • Scissors
  • Binder clips or large paper clips
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread or glue gun and glue if you're lazy like me!
  • Lighter and/or candle to finish ribbon edges. 

Here's how you make your DIY Ribbon Dance Bracelets

Start by measuring our your ribbon to whatever length you deem awesome. Depending on the length you'd like, I'd recommend about a yard of ribbon in each color so you'll have approximately 18" in either side of your bracelet when your kiddo wears it.

Now take your elastic and measure about 5"-6" in length and cut two strips - one for each wrist.

diy ribbon dance bracelets materials

Use your clip to secure your elastic and ribbons.

diy ribbon dance bracelets how to

Now machine or hand sew.

Slide on your new bracelets and dance your little heart out!

diy ribbon dance bracelets 



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