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DIY Tulle Bow

I wanted to share a super easy DIY Tulle Bow tutorial for bows that we sell like crazy at our kids shop in Seattle. These little tulle bows are ADORABLE for every little girl whether she dances or not. Check out these easy instructions below to create one or a dozen tulle bows for your little one. 

This tulle bow tutorial makes a great kids project and super for birthday party crafts, birthday party favors, birthday gift toppers and more.

diy tulle bow

Here's what you need to make your DIY Tulle Bow

  • Tulle - I use the delicate kind versus the kind that you can make kitchen sink scrubbers from. The best kind is on the roll for super ease and speed, but feel free to use scrap or bolt tulle and cut to approximately 6" wide by 36" long for a big poofy tulle bow! Here's the best place to buy wholesale tulle by the roll at The Hair Bow Company.
  • Clip - use a pre-covered clip like I did or pull an old clip from the bathroom drawer-even use a bobby pin.
  • Cardboard wrapping frame - cut to approximately 5" wide that you'll use to wrap tulle around.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

diy tulle bow supplies

Here's how to make your DIY Tulle Bow

Start by plugging in your glue gun so it's ready to go and set your work station up for easy work and clean up.

Next, cut your tulle to size or simply open up and prep your spool of tulle (say that fast - fun!)

Now, wrap your tulle around your cardboard frame about 10-12 times. The more you wrap it, the poofier your bow will be. So have fun and wrap it up!

Set your wrapped tulle aside and cut a length of tulle about 6" long by a few inches wide. If you're using a spool of tulle, just cut off a little length of tulle about 6" long.

Now, slide your wrapped tulle off of the cardboard and use the new piece of tulle to tie a square knot around the middle of the bunched tulle.


tulle bow tutorial

Make sure your knot is tight and centered properly.

Now, use your scissors and cut the two sides of tulle loop created by wrapping it around the cardboard.

tulle bow tutorial

Trim each side of your bow.

Glue the clip on to the back of your bow where you square knot is and let dry.

Et voila! C'est tout! Enjoy!

diy tulle bow


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