DIY Polka Dot Tulle Hair Bow

This super easy and adorable DIY project is a great one to try with the kids. These DIY polka dot tulle hair bow is the perfect pairing for fancy dress or any weekday.

Here's what you need for your DIY Polka Dot Tulle Hair Bow

Here's how you make your DIY Polka Dot Tulle Hair Bow

Start by cutting a piece of you polka dot tulle ribbon approximately 10" long. You'll use this piece to tie around your tulle.

Then wrap your polka dot tulle ribbon widthwise around your piece of cardboard 4 or 5 times so you're making 6" lengths around the cardboard form.

Now gather your tulle in your hand and slide it off the cardboard form.

Wrap and double knot tie your 10" piece of tulle around the center of your tulle layers as you'll see in the photos below.

Tie the piece of tulle in a double knot.

Glue the top of your ribbon wrapped clip onto the back of your tulle bow and let dry.

That's it! Now make a bunch of these and enjoy!

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diy polka dot tulle hair bowdiy polka dot tulle hair bow pin



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