Pipe Cleaner Bun Crown

This diy pipe cleaner bun crown is the most fun little project to do with your dancer or at a birthday party. You can have so much fun mixing colors and customizing these fuzzy little crowns for your needs. Try a bigger version too for a whole head crown that's great for the birthday girl or birthday boy. I'll show you a version of this soon. Stay tuned!

Here's what you need for your Pipe Cleaner Bun Crown

Here's how you make your Pipe Cleaner Bun Crown

Start by determining how large you need your crown base to be. For my little dancer's hair we used about a 6" length of pipe cleaner and used the other 6" for the peaks.

Take your 6" of pipe cleaner and round it into a circle and secure the ends together making sure to keep the little wire secure so it doesn't scratch anyone.

Now start cutting up your peaks into 4" lengths and fold these in half.

To affix your peaks onto your crown base, simply fold the ends around the crown and pinch to secure.

Optional: If you'd like to add ribbon, please do so! It's cute to add a sweet bow to the back of the crown.

Now wrap up your bun in your hair, secure with a clip or pin and place your crown over your bun. You're done!


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pipe cleaner bow crown


pipe cleaner bow crownpipe cleaner bow crown

pipe cleaner bow crown


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