How to Make an Easter Flower Cross Wreath

How to Make an Easter Flower Cross Wreath

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I love one of our church's Easter traditions, which invites everyone to bring a bloom to place in an enormous Easter flower cross that's covered in chicken wire to hold all the flowers in place.

By the time everyone has arrived for Easter service, the cross is chock-full of flowers and absolutely gorgeous and fragrant! 

Easter flower cross wreath

I've included a photo to see if this is something you'd like to try at your church. This is another easy DIY! 

But if you're looking for a smaller scale option, I have just the one. My Easter flower cross wreath project is super fun and easy and can be created using whatever flora or fauna you have on hand. 

Depending on what your Easter plans include and which flowers you use, you can make this a few days before your Easter brunch.

The heartier the blooms you choose the earlier you can make your easy Easter wreath.

The flowers won't have any water so you could spritz them if you like, or just prep the wreath backing and assemble on Saturday night. 

Photo note: Meet the fam! Clockwise starting with reluctant little miss, sweet Dad, me and big brother who I promise did have his shirt tucked in during church! xx

Easter flower cross

Here's what you need to make your Easter flower cross wreath

  • Scrap wood - I used some old MDF moulding we had in the garage and used my hand saw to hack it to size. 
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws
  • Electric screwdriver or drill
  • Chicken wire
  • Heavy duty leather gloves for protection
  • Tin snips
  • Staple gun
  • Blooms - lots of flowers and greenery - I used lots of camelias from our back yard and spent about $15 including tax on tulips and field daffodils from my grocery store. I let my tulips open for a day before making the flower cross wreath. Depending on what's blooming in your yard, just use what's easy and affordable. Whatever you decide will be lovely!
  • Clippers to trim your flower stems
  • 1.5" wide or larger ribbon to hang on your door, above your mantle or elsewhere
  • Command hooks if you'd like to hang your wreath indoors and don't want to hammer a nail or hook

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Here's How to Make an Easter Cross Wreath

Start by cutting your wood down to size.

My finished dimensions were 21" long by 15" wide.

I like the scale of this wreath as it's large enough to make a statement on our front door, but not too big that it will become heavy and cumbersome.

Next screw together the two pieces of wood like I did in the photo below.

easter flower cross how to materials

Sand the edges of your cross. You don't have to be too precise here because we'll be covering this with chicken wire.

Next cut your chicken wire into EITHER two strips that you'll overlap like you did with the wood OR into a cross with about 1.5" overlapping to secure on the back of your cross.

Use your staple gun to secure your chicken wire to your cross.

Now thread a ribbon through the chicken wire on the top of your cross so it's easy to hand when you're done.

You're now ready to fill your cross with blooms. Fill it up and invite friends to add to it when they join you at Easter brunch.

Enjoy and blessed Easter to you!


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Easter flower cross wreath


Easter flower cross wreath


Easter flower cross wreath


Easter flower cross wreath


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