How to Guarantee Wholesale Reorders

How to Guarantee Wholesale Reorders

I've been selling my wares to retailers for over 15 years now in a variety of businesses. I've been in sales even longer and I have learned a mindset that includes three actions for success. These are Communication, Transparency, and Service. I'm going to share how to guarantee wholesale reorders - the backbone of many manufacturing operations - using these three tools.

My Keys to Wholesale Success are Communication, Transparency and Service.

I'd bet you've heard the 80/20 rule in almost every part of life and surely in business. What you may not know about this popular adage is that it's called the Pareto Principle, named after an Italian economist who in 1896 discovered that 80% of Italy's land holdings were owned by 20% of Italy's population.

The beauty of Pareto's theory aside from explaining an interesting piece of Italy's economic history is that it can be applied to many other aspects of business and life when looking for efficiencies and sources of profit.

In my own business I have found the 80/20 rule in effect time and time again. Each season I approach a deep stable of retailers who carry Satsuma Designs and usually without fail, I write the best orders from just a small percentage of my audience. This audience does fluctuate through the season sometimes based on geographic location, trends and customer preferences.

What doesn't change is the tools I use to secure a strong seasonal sales pipeline. The tools I use to build my brand and sell Satsuma Designs to my wholesale customers include clear communication, transparent price and sales strategy and finally service.


It's not what you say, it's how you say it, isn't it? I mean, of course it matters what you say, but more importantly it matters that you say it with clarity and conviction. When I'm preparing to send out a seasonal offering I'm focused on timing and content.

Here is the timing format I use

2 months in advance - to my best customers I will send out a note about the coming line. By best I mean most consistent ordering record because I know that both they and their customers respond to our offering.

1 month in advance - If, hopefully, I have photos of my new products, I begin communicating to my wider retailer audience with email, possible direct mail.

1 week or two before shipping - I will hit the phone to share our new offering with my 20% then the remaining 80%. I will email my collection line sheet and order form and then follow up.

As I'm collecting orders I'll continue to follow up, but if I'm hitting my goals in reorders from my 20% I'm feeling good and can direct my attention to other needs, such as my next collection.

We'll dig more deeply into how to create a line sheet that sells, but for now, we'll focus on the timing and the message.

My messaging about features will change with the season, but my messaging about benefits has remained consistent throughout Satsuma Designs' lifespan. As we make baby products that make caring for kids as easy as child's play, I can be very consistent in communicating how our new collection is designed to help new parents and care givers find ease and joy in caring for little ones.


When I'm communicating the features and benefits of my new collection, I'm describing the products in language that I both understand and can stand behind. I'm clear with pricing, where it's produced, how durable it might be, and what type of care it requires.

Because I'm both a parent and a baby products designer, I'm very concerned with how my products will wash up. I want to make sure that Satsuma Designs are both easy to care for and durable. We do a lot of wash tests so that when I receive a retailer inquiry about care, I can give an honest, first hand response.


I spend a lot of my time thinking about and providing service. As a retailer myself, I'm acutely aware of the needs my retailers have in providing excellent, unique and stand-out products that will sell at retail. I have used this knowledge in product development and in selling my line.

I had to develop my service-first mindset.

When I use service to my retailers as a guide, it's easy to...

  • help retailers envision what the perfect wholesale order with the right merchandise mix might look like
  • how to time delivery to best meet consumer demand
  • how to merchandise Satsuma Designs in store
  • how to create events that highlight Satsuma Designs' versatility and usability
  • how to gift wrap Satsuma Designs
  • how to pair Satsuma Designs with other complementary brands in store

Focus on all these elements and communicating my availability and care in creating a winning product mix show my retail partners that I recognize their success means my success.

Quick Hit List to Guarantee Wholesale Reorders

  • Send a hand written thank you
  • Ship orders on time
  • Ship orders to the correct Ship To address
  • Check in with retail partners every couple of months to see if a replenishment order is needed
  • Follow retailers on social media platforms where you engage with and celebrate your partnership

how to guarantee wholesale reorders


how to guarantee wholesale reorders


how to guarantee wholesale reorders


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