Elf Name Felt Place Cards

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is celebrating with our family's elf names. We're a family of jumpy jingles and giggles! One easy way to showcase our elf names is to use them for our Christmas dinner place cards. I upgraded last year's elf name place cards project to the one you'll find below. Enjoy this easy elf name felt place cards craft and don't reserve these for the kids' table alone!

To make these elf name felt place cards pull out your scrap felt fabric in green and red or whatever you have on hand that feels festive and elfish: red, black, yellow, green, pink, white.

Now, use the cone template below to cut out your hat and hot glue the back closed. Embellish your hat with whatever you have on hand: ribbon, scallop felt, pom poms, bows, glitter, jewels, chef's choice here!

Finally, cut a little paper 'feather' in whatever card stock you have on hand and write your family and guests' names on the feathers.

I'd love to see your creations! Tag your photos with #satsumasmiles on Instagram and we'll share.

How to Find your Elf Name

Here's how to find your Elf Name. Take the first letter of your first name and find it in the red area below. That's your first elf name. Now take your birth month and find the corresponding elf name in the green chart below. That's your elf last name. Put them together and you have your fun elf name. Definitely consider adding a festive middle name too! For reference, my elf name is Jumpy Happy Feet (J + August).  :)

What's your Elf Name

To Make my Elf Name Felt Place Cards use this Cone Template.


diy elf name place cards


diy elf name place cards


how to find your elf name



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