FREE Fabric Sourcing Data Tracker for Fashion Brands

FREE Fabric Sourcing Data Tracker for Fashion Brands

I receive fabric sourcing questions every day and it’s one of the most interesting parts of my job.

I created this fabric sourcing data tracker to help my customers, prospects and YOU stay organized when beginning the fabric and trim sourcing process of product development.

The fabric sourcing data tracker is fully customizable, but I have listed all of the essential categories you’ll want to keep track of as you begin emailing and calling fabric mills and wholesalers.

I’ve included definitions of each area of interest and am available to help you on your fashion brand journey.

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Fabric Data Tracker

Get the FREE Tracker by clicking here.

Use this to track fabric and trim sourcing data.

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Categories and Columns Defined

Supplier – Company name

Type – Mill, wholesale, retail

Location – Where will the sample and yardage be shipping from? This will impact your freight charges and therefore cost of goods (COGS) and the per unit price of your product.

Contact – Who are you working with?

Email – That person’s email address

URL – Website address

Fabric name – Name of fabric

Type – Knit, woven, 4-way stretch, 2-way stretch, non-woven

Fabrication – Fabric content (eg: 50% cotton/50% polyester)

Width – The width of the fabric from side to side (selvedge to selvedge). The USABLE width will be LESS THAN the advertised width. Check with supplier. Typically a 58” width fabric will have usable fabric of 56” wide. This impacts your product yield and should have a bearing on your product development to optimize your yield and limit waste.

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Categories Continued

Price per yard – The price in $US of one yard of fabric.

Freight Info – What carrier do they use to ship? Do you need an account? What is typical freight cost per roll? You’ll need to average this in to the price per yard.

Lead time – How long to get bulk yardage

Rolldown fee – The price to cut sample yardage less than a full roll (roll sizes vary, but 50 yard rolls are standard.)

Stocked? – Is this a stocked fabric that will be available to reorder? If not, what is lead time (separate from lead time above)

 Photo of fabric rolls at wholesale fabric shop 


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