Holiday Delivery Driver Snack Station and Printable

Holiday Delivery Driver Snack Station and Printable

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Make Santa proud when you treat our delivery heroes with all the major carriers with some extra TLC this holiday season.

I'm sharing a festive holiday delivery driver snack station and printable idea to make dropping your packages a bit sweeter.

Holiday delivery driver snack station with free printable

How to Design Your Delivery Driver Snack Station

Every year, I have fun creating a new holiday snack station printable.

This season, I'm loving pink and green! With just a few touches of green and pink, I think it makes a festive welcome.

And since I couldn't find too many pink and green snack items, I opted for seasonal red!

This red bounty likely won't last all season as I'll replenish my snack station with other color packaged items.

I'll also try to learn about my delivery route drivers' favorites and add those to my snack station.

To make my green plaid bow, I wrapped a long length of wide, wired ribbon into 6 loops.

I gathered the center and secured with green sparkle stem.

I then cut the tails and looped those into the ends of the twisted sparkle stem.

Finally, I wrapped a small length of ribbon around the center to finish.

I wrapped the sleigh from the front to back and secured with another sparkle stem. 

To connect both, I simply bent the ends of the back of the bow sparkle stem over the top edge of the sleigh ribbon.

Holiday delivery driver snack station with free printable

What to Put in Your Delivery Driver Snack Station

With a feeling of generosity, stock your snack station with goodies that you would love to enjoy during a busy day of driving, dropping, and listening to barking dogs greet you!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Sports drinks, soda, sparkling water cans
  • Individually wrapped snacks of all kinds: chips, protein bars, granola bars, beef jerky
  • Halloween candy!
  • Cookies - both store bought or homemade

For an extra special touch, consider creating a coffee bar. 

Place to-go cups, cream and sugar packets next to a hot, insulated coffee carafe.

If you can, include to-go cup tops for easy and safe transport!

Holiday delivery driver snack station with free printable  


Holiday Delivery Driver Snack Station Printable

Delivery Heroes Pink and Green Tree Snack Station Printable (PDF)

Make your own welcoming snack station with my easy to create printable.

Start by clicking on the link above and downloading the PDF to your computer.

Print the file onto white card stock or printer paper.

Display and protect the printable in a n 8"x10" acrylic frame or any other frame on hand that you don't mind weathering the elements for some time outdoors. 

Delivery heroes snack station printable

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 Holiday delivery driver snack station with free printable 

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