How To Land A Wholesale Order | Secrets From A Retailer

How To Land A Wholesale Order | Secrets From A Retailer

Thankfully, I have very few secrets and the ones that I do are pretty boring. I do, however, have a few secrets that I like to tell and that includes tiphow to land a wholesale order.

I'm sharing this information to help makers like me, but also to help share what retailers, also like me, beg for when working with designers and manufacturers.

I'm going to share 8 tips that make retailers come back to reorder time and time again. It's the way to create a relationship that lasts. 

8 Ways To Open That Elusive Account

Know your catalog

Basic, right? Apparently not for some. I've seen the dark side here, folks. Know your pricing and be able to walk retailers through your catalog page by page. Know where specific products can be found in your catalog. Basic. Do it. 

Offer terms

Don't run your business so tightly that you can't offer terms on some first orders where you'd like to see your merchandise. Price correctly and you should be able to offer terms. Here's my pricing for profit worksheet to get you started.

Follow up

Don't let us forget if we reach out for information. Even if we're not ready to pull the sale trigger now, we will be.

Be gentle and we'll respond in kind(ness).

Be clear

Don't be cute with product names, descriptions and your sales verbiage. Follow the best writing pros and be concise. Enough said.

Be efficient

Like all good leaders, listen more than you talk. Write what needs to be said and leave the rest in your head. Share what you need to make the sale and communicate the mission of your company, but respect time and recognize that efficiency is appreciated.

Get to know my customers

You'll never know them as well as I do, but you'll have a sense if you ask me and try to understand what products appeal to my customer base and why. Take a note in your file and ask about the things I tell you when following up for reorders. Quote me.

You know I love to hear my words on other people lips especially when they sound smart!

Backseat Drive

I don't mind. Help me with my initial order and reorders. If I tell you I love your collection, put together a test order at your minimum and include seasonal items that serve my customers.

Show me your blue ribbons

Tempt me with talk of best sellers and chances are I'll bite. I love to hop on a trend that's working!

And if you're really nice, you'll offer a buy back or guarantee if I'm taking a risk.

The offer is often enough to encourage me to sell the heck out of our line and show you that I can work hard too!

So that's it. Let's work together to delight people, create great stories, have fun, bounce back when we hit the deck and always, always be here now.

how to land a wholesale order | secrets from a retailer


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