If You Say These 7 Things at Work Consider Stopping it Immediately

If You Say These 7 Things at Work Consider Stopping it Immediately

With recent moves to home offices and mandates for distributed teams, it's no wonder that the lines between home life and work life have blurred.

This can also mean new social dynamics that have impacted standard office interactions.

That's why I'm cautioning readers that if you say these 7 things at work, consider stopping it immediately.

My guidelines are meant to give you the best results when working in teams.

Read along to find out the seven things that you may like to avoid saying in the workplace.

Avoid saying these 7 things at work to keep peace with your boss and co-workers. #workplace #businessetiquette #etiquette #respect #manners #mannersclass #officemanners #officeetiquette #remotework #zoomroom #homeoffice


Have you heard that adage that unsolicited advice is rude? I tend to agree.

The word 'should' as expressed as a command can be an aggressive and off-putting word that can be be replaced with a word that conveys respect.

Instead of, 'you should write your report with input from these three people.' 

Consider your tone, delivery and phrasing to something that encourages independent thinking and creativity.

Try this instead:

You might consider including thoughts from Jane, Stephanie and Joe in your report. I'd be happy to connect you if that would be helpful.

That's not my job

I like to think of this as the pink slip ticket. No boss ever lowered a red flag over this rejoinder.

As any office team player knows, the best part of work is the people. 

You may love the work you do - and I desperately hope you do - but it's the people that you see on a daily basis are what can make or break a work environment.

As a member of a team - any team - it's your role and job to support those around you.

Being a supportive co-worker means pitching in when someone needs a hand. 

Regardless of your level of responsibility or even respect for the colleague asking, make the effort to help whenever asked.

That doesn't mean minimizing your value it simply means having a helpful attitude.

Avoid saying these 7 things at work to keep peace with your boss and co-workers. #workplace #businessetiquette #etiquette #respect #manners #mannersclass #officemanners #officeetiquette #remotework #zoomroom #homeoffice

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Let me pick your brain

I think this is one of the most egregious examples of bad workplace etiquette.

I'm sure some will disagree, but when someone asks to 'pick your brain', I believe they are making some very broad assumptions about what you are required to share with them.

If counsel, advice or information from a seasoned professional is what you're after, have the good sense to respect said professional with a request that matches their abilities.

For example, try:

Samantha, you have a deep understanding of X. I wondered if you would be willing to share a little time to educate me on a few of the aspects of your work.

Avoid saying these 7 things at work to keep peace with your boss and co-workers. #workplace #businessetiquette #etiquette #respect #manners #mannersclass #officemanners #officeetiquette #remotework #zoomroom #homeoffice

You won't believe what s/he just did

If being honest, many might share that one of the best parts of any office is the juicy gossip that comes from any environment in which people interact - a lot.

But lest you find yourself at the tail/tale end of the sentence above, you'll be well served by limiting your gossip gabbing.  

Wow! I love your [insert physical characteristic or wardrobe choice here].

As sincere as your compliment may be, it's a good idea to refrain from commenting on co-workers physical appearance in any form - good or bad.

Refrain from judgements whether positive (or negative) and protect others and yourself from unwanted comments. 

Always and Never

'We've always done it this way and we'll never do it another.' 

Wow! What a bummer to know that an organization run on this methodology won't be around for too long.

Imagine the limitations a team member or manager sets on others when s/he expresses these absolutes.

Avoid using always and never in the workplace and elsewhere and watch with delight as possibilities present themselves.

This will only take a minute [as said to someone on their way out the door for a meeting, home, appointment, etc.]

Really? 60 seconds. That's all?

Don't demand someone's time without first asking for it.

If they choose to give it to you, give thanks and proceed. 

Avoid saying these 7 things at work to keep peace with your boss and co-workers. #workplace #businessetiquette #etiquette #respect #manners #mannersclass #officemanners #officeetiquette #remotework #zoomroom #homeoffice

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