Moana Sailboat Cupcake Toppers

Moana Boat Sail Cupcake Toppers

If you're obsessed with the Aloha spirit of Moana like I am, here is a fun cupcake topper to try! My Moana sailboat cupcake toppers are a great addition to any Moana themed birthday party.

We're hosting a Moana themed birthday party at Satsuma Kids Shop and I've been working on creating a festive and welcoming Ohana for a sweet 5 year old and her little keiki friends.

I'm starting our Moana aloha party by welcoming guests with some colorful floral leis that I found on Amazon for a song. Then we'll get right into the craft I've designed for little keikis. You'll find more about my Moana necklace craft in a future post. 

When the girls have finished painting and creating their lovely jewelry we'll read one of my favorite books that celebrates all of the ocean's sea life. 'Kai the 'Opihi Gets the Point is a beautiful book that encourages children to be courageous in the face of adversity. 

After our story time, we'll move into snack time featuring our Moana sailboat cupcake toppers. I surprised my little keikis with morning fun by topping a maple bar with these Moana sailboat toppers. The maple bar looks like Moana's boat from the movie. How fun?!

Enjoy your Moana birthday party and share your fun when you tag #satsumasmiles and follow me on PinterestInstagram and Facebook. See you there! 

Moana Boat Sail Cupcake Toppers Materials

  • Kraft paper
  • Red sharpie or red paint
  • Long toothpick or skewers
  • Scissors

How to Make Moana Boat Sail Cupcake Toppers

Start by cutting the Moana boat sail shape out of your kraft paper. To make multiple sails at once, fold your kraft paper into multiple layers.

Now freehand draw the red line motif onto each sail.

Finally, cut two small slits on the long side of the sail and thread the toothpick or skewer through the holes.

Top your cupcakes with these little sails and watch them fly off into every little mouth!

UPDATE: I created a set of 8 Moana Sailboat Sail Cupcake Topper Printable for your enjoyment. Here is the file in PDF format. Simply, print on white paper, cut out the sails, use a small hole punch to make two holes on the top and bottom of the sail and thread with a long toothpick. Enjoy!



moana cupcake topper


moana cupcake topper


moana cupcake topper


moana cupcake topper


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