Modern Pet Etiquette | Best Practices for Dog Owners

Modern Pet Etiquette | Best Practices for Dog Owners, Dog Lovers, and Everyone Else 

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I call her mom's best friend. My little dog named Rosie is a part of the family who lets us spoil her rotten. 

She delights us, comforts us, and we believe understands us!

We also know she is an animal with strong instincts and a need for training and boundaries.

I'm sharing my modern take on pet etiquette that like all of my manners missives strives to show respect for others.

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These manners rules for pet owners take into account the growing number of pet-centered families and individuals.

With all the 'pandemic puppies' adoptions and families welcoming dogs and kitties into their homes, I wanted to share the best pet etiquette.

As seasoned pet owners can attest, not everyone you meet will be as eager to interact with your pet.

As hard as this may be to comprehend, it's our job as pet lovers to respect every comfort level when faced with an animal.

Pet Owners

Socialize and train your pup not to aggressively bark at people and other pets.

Practice getting your dog's attention when she starts barking.

To the best of your ability, work to control your dog's barking especially if you live in communal style housing such as an apartment, duplex or multi-family dwelling

When approaching another leashed dog and owner, ask first to introduce the dogs and respect the answer without judgement.

Limit interaction to ensure that leashes aren't tangled and injury doesn't result from play.

Dog Park Dates

I'm not sure there's anything cuter than watching your pup play with other like-minded fun lovers!

Community dog parks are a delightful place to make doggie dates.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your dog park visit chaos free:

  • Leash up upon entry. Unclip when it's clear you and your pup will be comfortable in the mix.
  • Ensure you close the gate behind you for other pups' safety.
  • Ease into your arrival. Scan the other four legged friends and evaluate who's playing with whom and at what intensity. 
  • Introduce yourself and your pup when approached by other dogs and humans.
  • Focus on chat that revolves around your dogs, the weather and your greatest pup life essential. 

More Modern Manners Tips for Busy Lives

Interacting with other pet owners is both gratifying and challenging.

As attitudes on what modern pet etiquette involves differs, you may be faced with dilemmas in your pet loving life.

Here are some other tips for navigating modern life easily and peacefully.


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Neutral or Fearful of Pets

If you're like plenty of people who prefer the company of humans over pets, others need to respect your comfort level when interacting with pets.

Never hesitate to ask someone to leash their pet who may approach you.

To the best of your ability, try to make your request in a pleasant tone.

If you are fearful animals, use a strong voice and say 'NO!' if a pet attempts to approach you.

How to interact with people and their pets if you're not a 'animal person.'

Leash laws

Regardless of the community leash laws, leash your dog for your safety, your dog's safety and even the safety of others.

Scoop rules

Pack a few compostable potty bags on every walk.

Have one or two available for other pet owners who may have forgotten. As a dog friend in need is a friend indeed! 

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Protect yourself

Short of taking the offense, arm yourself with a ski or walking pole if you, like me, often feel intimidated by off-leash dogs that approach with enthusiasm.

I recognize the these sweet pups are usually looking for a romp, but my little leashed lady isn't always up for the 'hello'.

I find that I feel more comfortable with a ski pole to help guide my own little girl away if needed.

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