Potted Carrot Place Card and Party Favor

Potted Carrot Place Card and Party Favor

Peter Rabbit will love these little potted carrot place cards and party favors at your Easter gathering! 

I had so much fun pulling these together with just a few materials that I had on hand.

Here's What You'll Need

  • Orange construction paper or card stock
  • Green crepe paper or streamers
  • Brown pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Small pot
  • Soil

Here's What You'll Do

Start by cutting out your carrot shapes. I basically did a soft, long inverted triangle.

Now, hand letter your carrots and add a few details to make them look 'carroty.'

I like the shape of this hand lettered alphabet from One Artsy Mama. In truth, you can't mess these up. Just add a bit more ink to the downward stroke of each letter and you will be amazed at how it starts looking just like what you see on those gorgeous chalk boards!

Next, cut a little green crepe paper, gather the bottom, staple it into a fan shape and glue this to the back of your carrot.

Add a bit of soil to your mini pot and you're ready to plant your carrot.

Use these as place cards and pair with a seed packet to give as a party favor when your guests leave. Have a basket of the seeds by your front door.



Also use these as decoration for springtime! Place a trio with a springtime message on your windowsill to enjoy.

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