Rae Dunn Style Canvas Tree Advent Calendar

Rae Dunn Style Canvas Tree Advent Calendar

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At the Satsuma sewing workshop, I'm on a constant mission to find happy, useful ways to repurpose cutting scraps. 

My Rae Dunn style canvas tree Advent calendar fits the bill perfectly!

I'm so happy with the way my annual Advent calendar project turned out and I hope you'll have fun making this too!

Holiday Advent calendar hanging from a branch on a cupboard

There are a zillion ways to personalize this canvas Advent calendar to make it work perfectly for your family to celebrate the season.

Optional Ways to Design and Sew this Advent Calendar

Make this special holiday tradition your own. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Instead of grommets to hang, create a 1-2" fabric channel and run a dowel or festive branch to hang the calendar
  • Swap waxed or unwaxed canvas for fabric of any kind.
  • Use acrylic paint with fabric medium mixed in to pain numbers instead of using chalk pen as I'll describe below.
  • Create an oversized or mini Advent calendar based upon your desired location. (I think a tiny calendar for the kitchen would be adorable!)

Holiday Advent calendar hanging from a branch on a cupboard 

What to Put in an Advent Calendar

Every year I create a new Advent calendar for our family to help us pause and enjoy each day of the busy season.

Thankfully, Christmas does help us focus on family, friends, relationships and baby Jesus.

I enjoy a mix of Advent treats and treasures that helps us all reflect on the reason for the season.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with gentle, giving-focused Advent 'tasks'.

These are EASY tasks such as call or write a grandparent to send holiday wishes, light a candle in remembrance of a loved one, read a Bible verse and more.

Here is an easy to print list that when cut into strips can be placed in your Advent calendar pockets along with sweet treats or on their own.

Advent calendar prompts

And naturally, candies, ornaments, small games and more are always fun to include in a seasonal Advent calendar.

Holiday Advent calendar hanging from a branch on a cupboard 


More DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Here are some more Advent calendar ideas to ring in the holiday season. 

I like to design Advent calendars that are both fun for the kids and full of little ways to celebrate. 

Felt Letter Board Advent Calendar

Share Your Love Advent Garland

Paper Diamond Advent Garland


Holiday Advent calendar hanging from a branch on a cupboard

Here's What You'll Need to Make a Canvas Tree Advent Calendar

Please feel free to raid your fabric scrap bin to pull together fun fabrics. Here's what I used to make this version.

Holiday Advent calendar hanging from a branch on a cupboard

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How to Make a Rae Dunn Style Canvas Tree Advent Calendar

Start by folding and hemming each side of your canvas base. I used a 1/2" double fold method for a nice clean finish. 

Insert grommets (or create a rod channel on top if easier) at this point or wait until you're finished.

For each row of tree branches, fold your evergreen/green/other fabric top edge and hem to finish.

Now fold pocket edges and sew onto canvas base.

Sew sides and bottom first. 

When all rows are complete, sew the interior vertical seams to make small pockets to hold Advent treats and treasures.

Next, use your Rae Dunn style 2" stencils to chalk the numbers onto your Advent calendar starting with 1 at the bottom to 25 on the top.

That's it! Add your treats to the pockets and hang your calendar to delight all season.

Merry Christmas, friends!

Holiday Advent calendar hanging from a branch on a cupboard



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