Thankful Holiday Dessert Garland | Free Printable

Thankful Holiday Dessert Garland

In making my Thankful Holiday Dessert Garland, I realized that this is a wonderful project and printable for year round celebration. Today is a gift. Let's put a bow on it, I say!

Here's a perfect way to put a bow on any gathering you'd like to make festive. My printable below is easy to print on white card stock, cut out and thread onto twine.

Pair this garland with some long skewers for a cake topper and make a few more to hang from the chandelier!

thankful cake garland printable | #printable #thanksgiving

If you'd like to try my easy and delicious Carrot Pecan Bundt Cake here's the recipe. Show me your magic! Take a photo, share and tag #satsumasmiles on Instagram or Twitter.



thankful cake garland printable | #printable #thanksgiving

Thankful Cake Topper Banner

Add my cake topper that is easy to make. While you're mixing, have the kids cut out the pieces and you'll have 45 minutes of bake time to assemble your Thankful cake topper banner.

I keep a stack of white card stock next to our printer so I never have to think about supplies and can add these festive treats to lots of our baked goods.

Thankful Cake Topper Banner PDF File to Print

thankful cake topper banner


thankful cake garland printable | #printable #thanksgiving

thankful cake garland printable | #printable #thanksgiving


Today is a gift. Let's put a bow on it!
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