How to Make a Washcloth Rose

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I'm a sucker for any cute folded creation - origami animals, fortune cookies and fortune tellers, all forms of napkin art - and especially folded wash cloth rose and flower bouquets!

I scoured the web and found plenty of helpful tutorials, but I narrowed the technique down to around 20 seconds to create a sweet little wash cloth rose bud.

Watch my short 1:10 minute video below to make your own washcloth rose and a whole bouquet of them. 

Washcloth roses make delightful centerpieces for baby showers, great gift toppers for any occasion and a super sweet add-on to any homemade soap gift.

diy wash cloth rose

For a pretty party favor, pair my easy DIY Earl Gray Tea Soap with a hand-folded washcloth rose to delight your guests. 

Fun Party Craft Ideas for Groups

It's also fun to make these together as a party activity. You can either make them for the guest of honor, mother-to-be for example, or invite guests to make them to take home and enjoy.

I love to host an activity at any kind of a party. Regardless of age or social comfort level, everyone is made to feel more at ease when they have a focus and share an experience with new or old friends.

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas to try at your next party.

Ideas for the Guest of Honor

  • Washcloth rose bouquet (naturally!)
  • Hand-stamped onesies (baby shower), tea towels (bridal shower)
  • Art work created by all guests - purchase a blank canvas and choose three colors to draw simple designs onto the canvas. For a bridal shower, use blue, green and aqua paint to make sweet hearts. Each guest's heart is a special token for the bride-to-be to remember the party.

Ideas for Guests to Take Home and Enjoy

  • Washcloth rose - use colorful sparkle stems for guests
  • Lavender and rose sachets - purchase or make small sachet bags and invite guests to fill them with their favorite scents. Have essential oils on hand to mix custom fragrances. Pour into a soft bag and cinch up and tie or have have embroidery needles and thread on hand to stitch up and embellish.
  • For kids parties (and adults!), make your own Shrinky Dinks - purchase shrinky dink paper or shrink film for between $10 and $20 to make earrings, key chains, charm bracelets and more! 

how to fold a wash cloth rose

How to Make a Washcloth Rose

When you're ready to try this easy craft, here's how I did it in via video below.

Remember you can use any cloth to create these, but we used our own Satsuma Designs soft and absorbent muslin washcloths.

These little gems are perfect for baby shower decorations, luncheon or tea party favors, perfect for summertime centerpieces and adorable for kids bathroom decor. They might just use them up too!

Bathroom Decor Ideas

My bathroom decor could always use a little freshening up. It seems like the last place I focus on when primping and cleaning!

These washcloth roses are a fun and easy way to brighten up the bathroom counter and especially lovely for guests when they come to visit.

I place a small basked of washcloth roses on the guest bathroom counter along with little travel essentials such as toothpaste, new toothbrush, soap, hair gel, q-tips and a little rose scented room spray that I make with rose essential oil.

Here's what you'll need to make your washcloth roses

Here's how you'll make your washcloth roses

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