DIY Earl Gray Tea Soap

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I'm not sure how I've gotten by, but I had my first London Fog hot beverage a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with all things Earl Gray since! 

I'm sharing my DIY Earl Gray tea soap to extend my delight to my kitchen, powder room and family bathroom.

If you haven't tried a London Fog either, you must immediately! On the next cold or rainy (or both if you're in Seattle like I am!), whip up one of these using this yummy London Fog recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Gimme Some Oven, or hit your favorite cafe and order up.

Briefly, a London Fog is an Earl Gray tea latte that is sweetened and can be infused with lavender, mint and more. It's so delicious and I can't wait for you to try one!

diy earl gray tea soap

With this new obsession comes the obvious course of action to include Early Gray Tea throughout my life. I made these for Valentine's Day gifts and were a hit with the kids' teachers.

These would be super sweet for a bridal shower, birthday luncheon or baby shower party gifts.

So here's one sweet and cozy gift idea the features Early Gray and can be used any time of the day - without boiling water!


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Here's what you need to make your own Earl Gray Tea Soap

  • Melt and pour soap base - I used this 2 lb container and got 18 small bars of soap from it. These made perfect Valentine's Day teacher gifts!
  • Loose leaf Earl Grey tea - I used this lovely tea
  • Earl gray tea bags (optional) - since I drink the stuff, I had these on hand, but you could just as easily use the loose leaf to steep in your melted soap base
  • Bergamot essential oil - I used this brand and am excited to use if for other uses
  • Silicone molds - I used standard sized cupcake molds
  • Container for melting - I used a 4 c pyrex measuring cup with a spout and handle
  • Spoon to mix soap base
  • Knife to break of soap base chunks to melt
diy earl gray tea soap

Here's what you do to make your own Earl Gray Tea Soap

Start by preparing your silicone cupcake cups with loose leaf earl gray. Sprinkle a teaspoon of tea on the bottom of your molds. 

Now, to the soap base where you'll cut a few chunks of soap off your bar and melting it in your pyrex cup in the microwave. Mine took about 1 minute with some stirring after 30 seconds.

When your soap base is nice and melted, pop in some earl gray tea bags and let steep until the soap begins to take on the color of the tea. Add more tea bags for a richer color.

Add a few drops of your essential oil and stir.

Now you're ready to pour the soap into your cupcake molds. 

When your molds are as full as you'd like them, sprinkle more loose leaf tea on the top and press gently into the soap.

Let sit and cool to harden. This will take a few hours, but less time than you'd expect!

You're done! Now peel off the molds and enjoy. Wrap them up in some cute tissue to turn into a tea bag or cellophane like I did and make your own tea bag. Here are some tea bags I made for the holidays.

DIY earl gray tea soap


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