Pom Pom Gift Bows

Ain't Pinterest a beautiful thing?! I love Pinspiration that can spark an entire birthday party plan, a craft room redo, a KonMari weekend marathon or spectacular new gift wrapping ideas like the one you'll find here. I created my pom pom gift bows from inspiration I found at Omiyage Blogs and their confetti bows

Make a dozen of these pom pom gift bows to use for the kids' birthday party gifts, hostess gifts, even string together for an adorable birthday party garland. There are lots of ways to enhance these with your own marvelous ideas so have fun making your own pom pom gift bows!

Here's what you'll need to make Pom Pom Gift Bows

  • Cello sheet or poly bags - mine have a thin adhesive strip to secure, but you'll see I used washi tape on some versions for added interest
  • pom poms - pick up a bag at the dollar store. It's fun to use different sizes or all petites.
  • washi tape
  • ribbon (optional)
  • glue gun (optional if using ribbon in the center of your bows
  • scissors (optional if cutting ribbon)
  • scotch tape to secure to your gift

Here's how you'll make Pom Pom Gift Bows

Start by creating in your bow bag. Either use washi tape to create a tube out of cellophane or use a poly bag with an adhesive seal closure.

Now fill your tube or bag with pom poms

Then pinch and/or twist the middle of your tube or bag and secure with washi tape or ribbon.

Et voila! You're done and ready to place on your gift. Be ready to be embarrassed by all the praise you'll receive for your wrap job. You're welcome. It's on the house! xx


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diy pom pom gift bows

diy pom pom gift bows

diy pom pom gift bows

diy pom pom gift bows

diy pom pom gift bows

diy pom pom gift bows


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