DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

An apple is nice, but it's time to up the ante and let our teachers know how much we value and appreciate the time, energy, care and support they give our children. May 5th through 9th is Teacher Appreciation Week in the US and it's a chance to celebrate the individuals who spend as much time with our kids as anyone outside the home. Here are few DIY teacher appreciation week gifts that the kids can make with supplies found on hand at home. No need to spend a mint to create a gift that shows how much you appreciation your teacher. 

I whipped up these two designs in a matter of minutes and create 50 of the paper calculator teacher appreciation gifts adding three Starburst to each in about an hour. I had the kids scribble their names, which took the longest! And yes, I did bribe them with a Starburst or three!

Here's what you'll need to create your own adorable Teacher Appreciation Gift: Calculator

  • card stock
  • ink pen
  • starburst
  • glue stick
  • scissors, rotary blade or paper cutter
  • copy machine if you're making multiples
  • tissue paper
  • washi, floral or scotch tape
  • tootsie pop(s)
  • green paper for leaves
  • pen or pencil to sign
  • scissors or rotary blade (makes cutting tissue paper easy)
Here's what you'll do to create your own adorable Teacher Appreciation Gift: Start by setting up your craft station where you and the kids can work. Keep the messes contained with a craft mat like our new Satsuma Designs Art + Craft Mat. Save 20%, enter code: newsatsuma at checkout! Calculator To make a mess of these, simply fold an 8.5"x11" piece of copy paper both lengthwise and in half to create 4 'boxes'. Now freehand the calculator design you see in the photos here. Now copy in black this page onto card stock and cut into 4 calculators. Have the kids sign the cards first then ask them to glue the starburst to the bottom of the card where the 'buttons' should be. Add 3 starburst per card. You're done! Flower Lay out your tissue paper lenghtwise and cut a 4" wide strip from the short end of the tissue paper. Fold the tissue paper in half so you have a double thickness strip. Now fold one end into a point and hold it to the base of the tootsie pop and at the top of the stick. Start twisting and folding the tissue paper around the tootsie pop to create your flower blossom. When finished use cute washi tape to secure the tissue paper to the stick. Now have the kids cut out a large leaf and sign it. To secure to the tootsie pop, cut two small slits in the bottom of the leave and thread the stick through the holes to secure. You're done! Create a bouquet for your teacher and place in a dollar store vase for an extra sweet teacher appreciation week gift! Thanks to all the teachers who help make learning a blast for our kids!! diy teacher appreciation gift diy teacher appreciation giftdiy teacher appreciation gift


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