DIY Easter Carrot Sachets

This holiday will bring a sweet smelling new tradition to the kids' Easter baskets in the form of Easter carrot sachets.

These easy to make sachets are also perfect for Easter party favors and place settings. Add a paper leaf with your Easter party guests' names for a custom carrot sachet.

I whipped up this trio of sachets using this perfect tutorial, including template, from Country Living.

Filled with rice, cloves and cut up cinnamon sticks these sachets are just the thing to keep our little bunnies' clothing smelling clean!

And maybe a little like a holiday kitchen, but better than the alternative, right?! Indulge in this same luxury as you make a few for yourself in minutes.

easy carrot sachets

Where And How To Use Sachets

Add these sachets to your drawers, pantry, car center console, shoe rack and lots of other places that need a little refreshment.

Add a ribbon tab and hang from a hook in the linen closet, clothes closet, laundry room or bathroom.

Try different scent mixes such as:

  • Dried lavender
  • Rice soaked in citrus essential oil (or your favorite essential oil)
  • Rice soaked in vanilla extract then dried on the counter

Easter Sachet Materials

    • Carrot Easter Sachet template (this is for the orange carrot only. You'll have to play with your carrot leaves)
    • Orange fabric (I used a piece of silk shantung I had in my bin)
    • Green felt for leaves and collar finish (have fun creating your own version. Mine were about 2.5" long and 1" wide. I cut a rectangle, trimmed the top into a point and then made little cuts down both sides like a feather)
    • Rotary blade for cutting orange fabric is ideal so you have a nice round arc
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine or needle/thread
    • Scented ingredients
    • Glue gun or green needle and thread


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easy carrot sachetsHere's what you'll do to make your own Carrot Easter Sachets

Start by setting up your sewing machine or threading your needle.

Lay out your orange fabric and template and cut.

Now sew a basting stitch at the top 1/2" of your rounded arc (you'll use the basting stitch to cinch the carrot closed.

Fold in half, right sides together and sew a seam along the straight edge.

Turn the carrot right side out and fill with scented ingredients.

Make your three leaves in green felt and cut a small 'collar' you'll use to finish the sachet that measures approximately 1/4" wide by 1" long (long enough to wrap around the top of the carrot at the bottom of the leaves.)

Gently pull the basting stitch closed and before too small insert the bottom of you leaves.

Then tie thread closed, trim excess.

With glue or needle, wrap the green 'collar' around the point where carrot meets leaves to clean up the look.

Et voila! You're done. Enjoy this sweet smelling treat for Easter and beyond!



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