One of my favorite Easter family traditions includes presenting the Grandmas and Nanas with a corsage on Easter morning when we gather at church to celebrate. Here's a sweet baby's hand print Easter lily brooch design that will delight Nana and become a precious keepsake of baby's first (or second or third! This works for any sweet little bunny hand.) Easter. This lily won't wilt or fade!

Here's what you'll need for your Baby's Hand Print Easter Lily Brooch:

  • White, light green and dark green felt - 1/2 sheet of small felt will be plenty. You can pull from the scrap bin for this project too!
  • Yellow pipe cleaner for stamen, but again you could use a cute pink, red, even purple for fun.
  • Tailor's chalk, pencil or light crayon for tracing baby's hand
  • Small safety pin to secure to Nana's collar
  • Glue gun/glue
  • Scissors
  • Baby's hand! :)

Here's how you'll make your Baby's Hand Print Easter Lily Brooch:

Start by firing up your glue gun and prepping a safe work space for baby.

Then, choose a time in the day when Baby will be excited to investigate felt and Mommy's fun project. This may be post mealtime or nap time. You decide the optimal time. :)

Now gently lay out baby's fingers onto the piece of white felt and trace with your chalk, pencil or crayon around baby's fingers.

Cut out baby's hand tracing and a couple of leaves in two sizes - one large and one small.

Fold the top of the pipe cleaner down to create your stamen and begin wrapping the white felt around the stamen. Play around with this and don't worry about excess pipe cleaner at the bottom as you'll trim this off. Find the look you like and glue the lily securely.

Now trim the base of your stamen so it's lined up with the base of the lily.

Take your two leaves and arrange them around the lily making sure to cover the base of the lily and stamen.

When you like, glue your leaves into place.

Now glue your safety pin to the BACK of your lily.

Et voila! You're done. Now present it to grandma in either a new or recycled clear plastic box with a little paper swizzle (crinkled paper shreds) to create a right from the florist effect. So fun! Happy, happy Easter!

 babys hand felt easter lily corsage


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felt easter corsage easter lily boutonniere from baby hand print


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