The grocery and drug store aisles tell the tale of an approaching Easter holiday and here's a way to get baby ready for the fun and celebration. Our DIY Easter Bunny Baby Hat is super easy to pull off with a few pieces of scrap felt, some embroidery floss, a couple of needles - large and small - and thread. This easy DIY project makes the best baby gift and can be come a personalized baby gift in no time. Simply add initials or a name to the hat brim using an embroidery needle and floss. 

Here's what you'll need for your Easter Bunny Baby Hat:

  • Baby hat in a 'bunny' color: natural, white, gray, brown, even pink
  • Felt for ears in two coordinating colors - one for outer ear, one for inner ear
  • Tailor's chalk, pencil or light colored crayon to create your ear template
  • Embroidery floss to contrast with felt ears
  • Embroidery needle
  • Sewing needle and coordinating thread to match the hat
  • Scissors

Here's how you'll create your own Easter Bunny Baby Hat:

Start by sketching out your ear shapes in either the stand up pointy style as seen on the light hat or the sweet droopy ears of the dark hat.

Fold your felt in half and cut out both inner and outer ear pieces so that each ear is identical.

Floss your embroidery needle and begin to saddle stitch the inner ear to the outer ear.

NOTE: for the pointy ear version, pinch and stitch the base of the ear together to give it a little structure, which will also help it to stay up. For the droopy ear version, fold each corner of the top of your ear over and add a couple of stitches to secure closed and flat.

The easy sew step is a quick task that's best done while watching some trashy TV, after the baby is asleep, of course!

Now admire your work and stitch with your needle and thread your ears to your hat. For both sets of ears determine how you'd like them to hang or stand and find the best placement.

I recommend about an inch or so from the top, center of your baby hat. Et voila! You're done! Now enjoy all the oohs and ahhs you're sure to enjoy with you present baby at church on Easter morning.

diy easter bunny baby hats


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