Dorothy Did It Draft Door Guard

Has anyone been spared from the wrath of the Polar Vortex this year? If so, I hope you're having a nice time in Hawaii! If you're like us, you've been layering on sweaters and scarves indoors and playing it safe with a minimal amount of skin exposed when taking on the great outdoors.

To help keep us toasty inside and the Polar Vortex out, I whipped up this door draft guard I'm calling my Dorothy Did it Door Draft Guard. I love the way it came together and the playful conversation starter that's worked on friends already. Aside from the eight (8) bags of beans I purchased from my Dollar Store, all the materials came from my scrap fabric and ribbon bins.

Here's what you'll need for your own Dorothy Did it Door Draft Guard:

  • 8 -  1 lb. bags of small white beans
  • 1/2 yard or less of green burlap, cotton, felt or whatever you have on hand to use as the base of 'grass'. You could also do a floral print, which would be cute like a house border, or even a brown for the 'ground'
  • Red felt scrap for ruby slippers
  • Black and white striped fabric or white and black fabric that's sewn together to create the Wicked Witch's socks
  • Red 1"-2" wide ribbon for ruby slipper toes. I found a sparkly red ribbon that I tied into bows and hand stitched onto the ruby slippers.
  • Old nylon panty hose
  • Needle
  • Red thread
  • Scissors and/or rotary blade
  • Stick pins
  • Sewing machine
Here's what you'll do to create your own Dorothy Did it Door Draft Guard: Start by setting up your sewing machine and work space. Now measure out your base fabric to 36" long by 12" wide. You're going sew your socks and ruby slippers onto the base before you create your tube to fill with the beans. Fold your base fabric in half lengthwise to determine where you should place your ruby slippers and striped socks. Pin your socks and ruby slippers on to the base and zigzag stitch them onto your fabric. When complete turn right sides together and sew along the edge starting at one short end along the length of the fabric and stop before sewing the other short end (you'll fill your beans in this end). Now grab your panty hose and fill one leg up with all of your beans. Slide your bean-filled hose into your fabric tube and hand or machine stitch closed. Tie your ribbon into tow 2-3" bows and hand stitch the bows onto the top of your ruby slippers. Et voila! Place your door draft guard next to the nearest drafty door and feel the heat rise. Final Note: Along with the Polar Vortex we can all be thankful that Wicked Witch has left the building! And to keep your little ones warm this winter, check out Satsuma Designs cozy hats, blankies and apparel. Save 20% when you enter coupon code: newsatsuma at checkout. Enjoy! dorothy did it door draft guarddorothy did it door draft guard


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