DIY Coat Hanger Shamrock Wreath

The luck of the Irish was with me for this quick and easy project. My coat hanger shamrock wreath came together in ten minutes ready to delight all the little leprechauns that come knocking on our wee door. I'll be making more of these to scatter through the house and will definitely be using the coat hanger wreath base for more fun creations this spring.ย I'm stunned by how easy it is to transform a wire coat hanger into lots of new creations.

With a few easy tugs and twists this coat hanger shamrock wreath was a cinch. I added left over green burlap ribbon from Christmas decorating and with my hot glue secured ends, wound ribbon and in 10 minutes the wreath was ready to hang. This would make an easy kids project too with a little help melding the coat hanger for ease and safety. Let them cut out felt shamrocks, gold pieces and you hot glue them for added charm.

Here's what you'll need for your own coat hanger shamrock wreath:

  • 2 dark wire coat hangers (white hangers are fine, but the dark won't show through the burlap ribbon)
  • 2 yards or so of 2" or wider green ribbon. I used wired ribbon, which made wrapping so easy.
  • Coordinating green ribbon to tie a bow for hanging
  • Small ribbon to connect shamrock hanging ribbon to hook
  • Twist tie to connect 2 wire coat hangers
  • Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Felt pieces, button, sparkly costume brooches, old earrings and other fun baubles to add for decoration.
Here's what you'll do to create you own coat hanger shamrock wreath: Start by firing up your glue gun and prepping your work space. Now you're going to bend your wire coat hangers into two shapes like shamrock leaves. To do this, pull the hook up and the bottom down so you get a diamond shape. Now 'fold' the top hook side down 'into' the bottom side so you have what looks like a big 'bubble letter' V. With this basic shape you can now bend the corners into smoother shamrock leaves. Connect your two sets of wire coat hanger shamrock leaves together by twisting the hook parts around each other and add security with a twist tie. Now start winding and wrapping your ribbon. Start by gluing one end of your ribbon in the center and go for it. Before you're finished wrapping around the shamrock leaves, cut 10" of green ribbon for your stem and glue under your leaf ribbon. Now add your hanging ribbon by threading through the back of your shamrock wire. Add a tied bow with glue and your miniature hanging ribbon to work on the hook. Finally add your embellishments and hang to attract all those sweet smoochers, NOT pinchers on St. Patrick's Day! coat hanger shamrock wreath


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