I happen to love January. I love it because it kicks off a fresh new year that is full of possibilities and not yet full of flubs, regrets, and the raised voice of an impatient, but trying to do better mom. I also love January because I purge and organize. The kids know this season is coming and so they stake their claim on treasured toys, games, puzzles and clothing. Everything else not used or worn to threads is fair game for the donation station. When those thread worn clothes are ready to be recycled, I get a kick out of creating fun new functions for old sweaters, t-shirts and pants.

A quick craft project that's fun for a little diversion is the no sew old pocket place settings cut with pinking shears from holey knee pants that otherwise can't be salvaged. This project is great for any pocket whether pants, skirts or shirts, but in our case we used 2 pairs of old denim jeans. These little pocket place settings are perfect for a playdate, picnic, indoor tea party or Friday night pizza.

Add a ribbon strap and they make a fun bag for little miss or her plush friends. Add a felt heart with a button and enclose a special valentine this February. And if you have a bit of time to pull out the sewing machine, they're fun to add to a dollar store place mat as seen in the photo.

Here's what you need for your no sew old pocket place settings:

  • Old and holey jeans (i.e. no chance of recycling them at the donation station or handing them over to a friend)
  • Pinking shears for a zigzag cut that resists fraying
Here's what you'll do for your no sew old pocket place settings: Cut out each pocket making sure to cut both layers of fabric for a perfect little pouch Enjoy! no sew old pocket place settings


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