How to Create a Kids Reading Corner

Right or wrong many of our best children's books don't see the light of day for over 10 months of the year. I'm talking about our extensive collection of Christmas and holiday books. Here's how to share some holiday magic and create a cozy kids reading corner.

This easy kids reading corner design is inviting to young and old and will at least amp up the return on investment for the two months we do read these classic feel great stories. I learned this tradition from my wonderfully wise Wisconsin Aunt who's also kind, fun and incredible fisher woman and always up for whatever's doing - just the kind of gal you want to spend summer and holiday vacations with!

She's also mother to three fabulous kids at least a dozen years old than mine and so I trust her methods implicitly. Here's a fun family tradition to get the cozy holiday spirit right up all the way till Christmas morning. Gather all your Christmas books and place them in a basket with a little holiday cheer (I added a red burlap bow to ours). Make sure you park your basket of holiday reading fun in a well-lit corner that's also home to a cozy chair or sofa with room for at least two tushies.

Add a cozy throw blanket in a seasonal print and one or two plush pillows for maximum comfort. A side table with room for cocoa or tea is a must. Each afternoon or evening pull out a book, which can be readers choice, if the kiddos are reading to you, and start dissecting the meaning of Christmas. I believe one part is that warmth that comes from taking time to be together and build traditions, simple and slow, for everyone to enjoy. create a cozy kids holiday reading cornercreate a cozy kids holiday reading corner


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