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DIY Burlap Owl Gift Box and Ornament

Holiday crafting has definitely taken hold over at the Natural Maker Mom and Satsuma Designs HQ. Every conceivable craft supply is being recycled and stock piled for future creations. I knew I'd reached a new level of craft-sanity when I started looking forward to using up the last of the toilet paper so I could wrap, glue, fold and embellish that little tube of fun!  Here's my latest creation, an easy burlap owl ornament and gift box from a toilet paper roll. What I like about this design is that's it makes a cute display item, are you thinking of an owl family, too?! Imagine your friend, teacher, neighbor or grandpa's delight when they receive this little critter filled with a few piece of their favorite candy and a coffee card for a holiday get together? Sweet, right?!

Here's what you'll need for your Easy Burlap Owl Ornament and Gift Box from a Toilet Paper Roll:

  • 1-25 empty toilet rolls!
  • 8" of 6" wide burlap ribbon in natural or try green, red, your choice!
  • Felt scraps for wings, eyes, and beak (you could use googly eyes for this critter, but I prefer the natural look of felt for this design)
  • Glue gun
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Here's how you'll make your Easy Burlap Owl Ornament and Gift Box from a Toilet Paper Roll: Start by firing up your glue pistol and setting up your craft station. Cut out 4 wings (2 each large and medium), one pair of eyes and a little beak. Now dab glue on the TP roll and place one end of the burlap ribbon along the long side of the roll. Keep dabbing glue around the roll and wrapping the burlap until you're to the other side. Cleanly cut your burlap and glue OR fold under and glue for an extra clean finish. Glue the wings, beak and eyes on to your owl and let dry. C'est tout! Gather small little treasures to gift to your favorite ornithologist and enjoy! burlap owl gift box and ornament from a toilet paper roll     burlap owl gift box and ornament from a toilet paper roll


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